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111/2 month old suddenly won't sleep, help!

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Keznel Wed 17-Apr-13 20:09:31

DD is 111/2 months her routine is

6.15 wake breakfast and bottle
9.30nap 1hr
12.30 lunch
3 nap 1hr
5.30 dinner
6.30 bath
7.30 bottle & bed

She has been going down at 7.30 for months now with no issue, until a couple of weeks ago. Now when we put her down she wails hysterically, going into settle her doesn't work she will only calm if lifted, it's now taking to 9 to get her calm enough to sleep. Any ideas what's going on? Is it separation anxiety?! She recently started crawling but surely that would only affect sleep short term? Or do we simply need to adjust her bedtime? Any help, advice would be most welcome.

blushingmare Wed 17-Apr-13 22:31:19

No help I'm afraid, but having similar issues with my 10mo so watching with interest.

Keznel Fri 19-Apr-13 21:08:25

Had one night of back to normal, breathed a big sigh of relief, then tonight back to square one! I am currently lying on our bed with her as she yawns her head off, she is so tired her eyes are rolling in her head but every time I put her in the cot hysterics! So random so unlike her sad

teacher123 Fri 19-Apr-13 21:57:55

That second nap seems quite late to me... (Absolutely no expert here!)
We do 2, 3, 4 here, so that's the gaps between his naps:
6.30am-wake up
9am-nap for an hour
1pm-nap for an hour
6pm bedtime

Or she's overtired maybe? Try a radically earlier bedtime?

Keznel Fri 19-Apr-13 22:16:04

I honestly don't think she would sleep any earlier in the afternoon, she is always full of beans/wanting to play after lunch then starts the yawning and eye rubbing around 2.15-2.30 which is when she'll take a bottle then more or less straight down for a nap after it. I do know for sure I can't let her sleep past 4.30 in the afternoon or she definitely doesn't settle that night. We had her going to bed at 7 which worked well for a while until she started waking at 5.15 up and at 'em ready for the day! We then had to fiddle about with her bedtime, she finally settled on 7.30 and slept til 6.30. I've my fingers and toes crossed its just a phase smile Though how long is a phase?............

Russki Sun 21-Apr-13 20:32:16

No advice, alas, but having similar issues here. 11 month old used to go out like a light at 7 (till 7), now stands up as soon as she is placed in her cot, and starts bawling. CIO hasn't worked so far (couldn't stand it after an hour), so I end up lying with her on our bed while she jumps around for half an hour before starting to seek out sleep positions (another half an hour), then I transfer her to her cot asleep, and then she usually wakes up around 5, back into bed, sometimes that is it for the day, sometimes we get another 1.5 hours of sleep. Exhausting!
She seems to have developed a deep aversion to her cot, but now that she can stand, she certainly has no inclination to lie down and sleep. I wonder if we'll ever get past this!!

MolotovCocktail Sun 21-Apr-13 20:39:56

I'm interested in this thread, OP! Our DD2 has just turned 1yo and her sleep routine is disturbed. Her typical day is pretty much as you've described your DD's, but our DD is taking longer to settle and won't nod off unless DH or I rock her to sleep. She's now going off at 8:30-9pm; she was awake until midnight the other night.

I just can't remember DD1 (now 4.2yo) going through this ... (she's a good sleeper, btw, from 7:30pm-6am).

Keznel Mon 22-Apr-13 13:49:33

Was chatting to my SIL she said my niece and nephew both went through similar at around the same age, lasted a couple of weeks for both of them. I managed to get DD to sleep for 8.30 last night but that took nerves of steel and DH holding me back as she cried, sobbed, mamama'd for 10mins. That was after lying on our bed with her for an hour when she started sticking her fingers in my mouth and chuckling to herself, I knew it was time for the cot. I'm certain she is not in any pain or ill so I'm assuming its either her being more mobile or separation from me! Either way I've made no progress, just gonna have to ride it out?........sad

Keznel Mon 22-Apr-13 13:53:05

Not that it's relevant but her daytime routine has changed she is no longer taking her breakfast bottle and is loosing interest in the mid-morning one too, preferring a snack at that time. Slowly transitioning to cows milk too. But I can't see how any of that would affect nighttime sleep.

Keznel Tue 07-May-13 20:04:34

Thought i would update that three weeks on and my now 1year old is still not sleeping! We had a couple of nights when she went back to 7.30-6.30 (bliss) but that was it, two nights. I can only assume it is no longer a developmental leap thing as she has mastered crawling perfectly smile. My mum (who's advice I trust and listen to) is really starting to annoy by repeating 'it must be her teeth', if I hear that one more time I can not be held responsible for my actions..........
So I'm left with separation anxiety, reading that this can affect them til they are 5 years old I am resigning myself to never sleeping again! I have a DC2 due to make an appearance early October so I think making peace with the fact that I will have no sleep for a few years will keep me out of a psychiatric facility confused. Any advice on how to get my DD back to 7.30-6.30 sleeping will be most welcome I will literally try anything!

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