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Co-sleeping with a BF-night snacking nearly 11mo - I need to sleep as well!!!

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Enfyshedd Tue 16-Apr-13 17:51:01

Pretty much just that - DD is nearly 11mo and has co-slept since she came home (1st wk was in SCBU). She's an early teether and has had 8 teeth since 7mo, but no more have appeared since before Christmas.

She had got down to 1 wake up/feed a night between 11pm & 6am in December, but since January she's gone back up to 3 times a night almost every night. I initially put it down to teething again, but this is now 3 months with no improvement.

This week, I've focused on the possibility that maybe she wants more food. This is what I'm working on food-wise at the moment:

6am: Short BF in bed to encourage her to stay asleep with Dad while i get ready for work - 50/50 chance of this working.
Between 6.30 & 8.30: Breakfast - typically toast. Tried the toast this morning with peanut butter on it (first tried yesterday - she seems to like it. She doesn't like butter, so difficult to up the calories there).
At Childminders between 9am & 3pm: Mid morning snack of toast or fruit, then Lunch (cottage pie, pasta bake, etc) followed by fruit or yogurt.
3pm-5pm: Home with Dad - snacks of anything such as breadsticks, fresh or dried fruit, rice cakes, etc.
5pm-6pm: Normally a BF followed by a short nap (she doesn't seem interested to have one today).
6.30-7pm: Tea - usually a bit of what I'm eating or maybe a little omelette/sandwich, followed by a fruit puree pouch.
8pm: 2 rusks with milk (will eat between 50-100% of it).
8.30-9pm: Settle with BF to sleep for night (on sofa with me until 11pm-ish).

Any ideas if this might help at all? I'm not planning on trying to move DD into her own room until the summer holidays when disturbed sleep will be less of an issue for DSS1&2 (14 & 6, so school age), so I need to find some way of reducing the night snacks before I lose my sanity!!!

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