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How would I know if DD had silent reflux? Feeling desperate

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emeraldgirl1 Mon 15-Apr-13 23:39:24

I am getting a bit desperate but don't want to presume this is neck anything more than normal newborn behaviour.

Typing fast as she will wake any second!!

DD is five weeks. She hates being put on her back to sleep and during nappy changes she is only ok on her back for a but nd then at I thought was wind kicks in and she starts to cry. Tbf I can usually feel wind then when I pick her up.

She is very windy and takes literally hours to burp after each feed.

She has hiccups at least once a day, usually after going on her back for a nappy change.

She only brings up small amounts of milk though apart from one or two occasions when we bathed her too soon after a feed nd she brought up an entire feed. sad

She seems to wake 'coughing' in the night, I hear her kind of cough/spluttering for a few mins before she actually wakes.

She occasionally has nights like tonight when only a dummy will settle her and when there is no wind still coming out.

She is FF btw, never managed to bf her, my flat nipples were big issue.

We have been sleeping her on her side as she seems to really not like lying on her back. But I am concerned about this for safety.

She barely sleeps during the day, feeds and 'burping' take so long nd then she will not really settle though she does have very happy periods of half n hour at a time. She WILL sometimes lie on her back happily in pram, it is not always a problem.

I thought it was just wind/colic. I have nothing to compare it to. But it is miserable as she sleeps so little and sometimes is just in pain on and off all day.

Legs go rigid but I thought that was just wind?

Can anyone help at all? Going to GP tomorrow for unrelated reason, should I mention this or is it just typical newborn?

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