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Blankets for six month old

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Orenishii Mon 15-Apr-13 07:36:14

Well - 25 weeks smile

DS used to sleep well in gro bags but recently has started kicking and thrashing his legs about. He also does a back shuffle and while he's probably close to rolling/wants to get moving, we wake up in the morning to see him completely tangled up in his bag. He's created sores on his shoulders from the straps dragging down from his shuffling. I tried getting him a bigger one and he still does it.

We co sleep and the bags were perfect with regards to safety. I have a children's lightweight quilted blanket (not a duvet) and also a cellular blanket but since we co sleep I'm worried he'll wriggle under them. He often wakes up perpendicular to me. Does anyone have any tips or know the safetu advice for six month olds?

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