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Is this still 4 month sleep regression?

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HSCM Sun 14-Apr-13 10:24:04

DD never been a baby to sleep all night but I wasn't expecting her to and was doing ok. Then 1 month ago she had her 12 week growth spurt, waking all night to feed tones. I think this kind of blended into a 4 month sleep regression as stopped needing to feed so much but was just not sleeping as well. She was also notably more distracted when feeding in the day. This has settled but she is now still waking every 1-2 hours every night. Not only this but she has a 2 hour period every night where she seems to be in a really light sleep and finds it hard to stay asleep (ie if I put my hand on her tummy to settle her I cannot move it back off for all of this period or she wakes). Her daytime naps are rubbish despite all my best efforts and she screams when she is going off to sleep which is sending me a bit insane now. I feel like I am spending pretty much 24/7 trying to get her to have some sleep. She is now 17 weeks. Is this still 4 month sleep regression which will pass or have I done something wrong to create her terrible sleep pattern?

CarlyRose80 Sun 14-Apr-13 16:04:24

I'm in exactly the sane boar with my 18 week old and its a complete nightmare. Been like this for 2 weeks now. Hopefully we can share tips and advice. xx

CarlyRose80 Sun 14-Apr-13 16:04:44

Same boat (predictive text)

HSCM Sun 14-Apr-13 20:06:42

I am on 4 weeks of this now...seem to be getting more used to the lack of sleep now! nice to hear i am not the only one carlyrose as i dont know anyone else whose baby is behaving like this and my mum keeps on saying she thinks it is unusual! am breastfeeding & am wondering if I am feeding her back to sleep too often in the night (as in doing this pretty much every wakening as too tired to think of any alternative strategies!).

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