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Dropping the nap altogether

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scriptbunny Sat 13-Apr-13 23:15:59

Just wondered, what are your experiences of dropping the final nap completely? DS is coming up to 21 mo and has a good early afternoon nap. Should I anticipate doing this for another year? 6 months? What has been your experience?


nextphase Sun 14-Apr-13 13:27:36

DS1 dropped all napping at about 26 months, but was early to do so.
DS2 shows no signs atm - 23 mths.
We went through a phase of napping every other day before it went completely.

scriptbunny Sun 14-Apr-13 13:46:41

Hi Nextphase,

Interesting. Thanks. I'm partly wondering because we may end up taking up an afternoon nursery school place when he is 26ish months, which would run from 12.30-3.30, cutting right across his regular nap time. I don't know if I could get him to nap at 11 am for an hour and get him up and lunched by 12.30... So I was wondering if they were expecting most kids to have dropped the nap by then. Alternate days was something I hadn't considered.

Thanks again.


LaTrucha Sun 14-Apr-13 13:47:54

DD was 2.9. DS was around 20m.

omama Sun 14-Apr-13 22:30:48

My ds is 2.8 & is still napping approx 50% of time. He started skipping occasional naps at around 26 months.

estya Sun 14-Apr-13 22:35:00

DD (2.5yrs) nap is getting later and later, today she napped from 4pm to 5:30 (then bed a bit late at 8pm). Thats because we had a quiet day - she's ready to nap earlier if we've been active in the morning.

I think that they drop the last nap by it getting later, so you may find he comes out of preschool really tired and you can get him straight into bed for a quick recharge.
Although in my experience of preschool he'll be so wired when he comes out it'll take him a few hours to calm down.

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