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Nap time battles

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RainDancer Sat 13-Apr-13 14:15:58

My 17 week old DD has got quite good at sleeping at night, but her daytime naps are like entering a war zone! I make sure that I try regularly to put her down at the very first signs of tiredness, but as soon as I swaddle her (she can't yet sleep unswaddled) she goes into an absolute rage and it usually takes at least half an hour to get her down. Then she wakes up after the first sleep cycle but is still tired and the trauma starts again! Why does she get so annoyed when I try to help her sleep?!

Sleepybunny Sat 13-Apr-13 15:52:45

No idea, but my dd does this too. She's 22 weeks now and it happens a lot less.

I do something similar, get her all cosy in a blanket, but keep her relatively upright so she can see what's going on. The offer a feed (sometimes its like she needs to 'fill up' before she can sleep soundly). If she is still fretfull I walk around the house talking Quietly to her (gentle distraction to help her wind down a bit)

Putting on some relaxing music in a darkened room can help too as well as a bit of baby massage.

Failing all of that I pop her in a sling or pop her in the pram and head out for a walk.

I figure if she is well fed, clean, warm, not in any apparent discomfort then it's maybe an issue of needing help to wind down to a sleepy state.

RainDancer Sat 13-Apr-13 21:50:44

I think you might be right. I don't really spend much time winding her down in the same way I do at night, mainly because she needs to nap so often! Think I might try reading her a story in her nursery like we do at night. Although I do suspect she is just too nosy and interested in what is happening during the day so doesn't want to miss out!

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