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Drastic sleep reduction at 14 weeks

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Hooliaaa Fri 12-Apr-13 16:30:47

My daughter now 16 weeks was a brilliant sleeper up to about 14 weeks. She's still pretty good at night but will not nap during the day anymore. She has an hour at 11 then half an hour at three and then really doesn't sleep again til bedtime which is still pretty late. It's doing my head in. She's gone from sleeping for 16 hours a day to about 10 which is clearly not enough! She sleeps much less than her 2 year old sister who has a solid 14 hours at night. The only way to get her to sleep any longer is to take her out in the pushchair but with a 2 year old I can't do that for hours. Is this a phase?

tinkletinklestar Mon 15-Apr-13 08:25:39


Is she grumpy with it?

Hooliaaa Mon 15-Apr-13 08:41:04

She's furious when she finally goes to sleep at night (around 10) which I keep thinking I could avoid if I got her asleep more during the day. It can take hours to get her settled then, other than that she's generally okay. She gets grumpy before her naps then seems to recharge very quickly.I think the abrupt change has thrown me.

cervantes55 Mon 15-Apr-13 08:47:54

Hello. I had this and found I had to change how I approached naps. From 15-18 weeks my DS would only fall asleep in my arms while we played loud music and we had a bit of a dance. Then the music had to stay on during the nap. Now 20 weeks he's back to napping in the day in a more conventional way! But we had a lot of 9am disco for a few weeks. Maybe a regression to wanting the noise of the womb to drop off? It's a bit odd so no idea if it would work with you.

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