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Dummy/swaddling/night feed - waking up every hour!

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PeggyL Fri 12-Apr-13 08:23:00

My DD is 3 months old and was a really good sleeper (down at 7:30pm, with a 10pm feed then up once in night and awake at 6am)...but the last week this has all changed - she doesn't seem interested in dream feed anymore (was previously taking about 7/8oz then only 2/3oz and last few nights, just screamed her head off every time tried to feed her so I obviously didn't force it). She's also in a swaddle pod which I really think has made such a difference to her sleep. Last night, we decided not to give dream feed as it seemed to disrupt her so much and upset her and feed her if she wanted it in night, also, as she'd been waking up for dummy in the night we also took her arms out of the swaddle pod so that she could suck on her kncukles if she wanted to instead - she loves doing this ;-) but last night was rubbish! She had arms out of swaddle pod and woke up 9:30pm, 10pm and midnight, then 1am & 4am (last 2 times offered milk but not interested) and the at 4am took about half an hour to settle instead of 5 minutes...but I'm confused! Do I put her arms back in, try and feed her at night again, one or both?! My DS wasa nightmare at this age so can't compare to what I did or didn't do with him! Brain frazzled as tired confused

butterandbread157 Fri 12-Apr-13 11:30:48

Hi, I think if she likes being swaddled then keep doing it. I think she still needs the dream feed at 3 mo. Maybe try the feed a bit later 11 maybe?

could it be something else? My daughter started teething really young and went on hunger strike for 2 weeks at around 20 weeks old!! hv thought I was mad, told me she can't be teething, sent me to GP who told me she had thrush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! two days later a tooth appeared!!! By the time she was 6mo she had 6 teeth!!
Though 3 months might be too young for that!!?

Good Luck x

CarlyRose80 Sat 13-Apr-13 20:56:25

Hi. My LO is doing this also. Wakes up no end of times through the night. Has always been swaddled but now cries to free his arms so he can pull his dummy out then I have to replace it, up to 10 times a night sometimes and I haven't found a solution. I put him down non swaddled as he will go off at bed time only (not naps) but sometime during the night I will end up swaddling him. I don't know how to stop the wakings as its a cycleof dummy in and sleep, dummy out, cry, mummy in, dummy in and repeat every hour. I'm hoping it will pass as he did sleep well before this "phase" 8-6 with one feed. Now we are back up to 2 feeds and frequent waking. Any tips found along the way would be great and I hope sleep returns to normal for some of us soon xx

CarlyRose80 Sat 13-Apr-13 20:58:28

I stopped the dream feed at 11 and just fed when he woke around 1 the first time, just hoping that by not disturbing him he'd learn to fall into a deeper sleep pattern. Then feed again around 5 or 6. Trying to push this to wake up feed at 7 but not with much luck at the mo.

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