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Extending naps for 6 month old

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violetlights Thu 11-Apr-13 19:42:06

Calling wise women of the interweb... I need help with my 6 month old. He sleeps well (ish) at night (12 hours - though wakes repeatedly for lost dummy) but doesn't nap well. Currently he has three naps during the day, each 35 (ish) minutes long - at unpredictable times of day. It gets so tiring - I've hardly poured boiling water on the tea bag before he's awake and wailing.

I can tell he's tired (I think I'm quite good at spotting the signs) but he either won't nap at all or won't go past the 35 minute mark... he'll just lie there crying if I try to shush / pat / stroke / white noise him (especially in the past few weeks where he cries for England). Now, he'll even fight a short nap in the pram on a bitterly cold refreshing walk... something which always worked...

Once in a blue moon, he'll 'double nap' (after some persuasion), for an hour and a half or so - so I know he can do it. Any suggestions of what I can do? I dream of him having a regular 2 hour nap in the afternoon where I can put my feet up and stuff myself with cake get on with the household chores...

Thanks in advance. smile

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