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I need help

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CarlyRose80 Thu 11-Apr-13 05:53:18

This is what my nights are like and they are becoming worse. I don't know what to do anymore and I'm exhausted. This is an 18 week old
Bed at 8 then woke at these times 10.30. 12.15. 1.15 fed. 1.35 back to bed. 3.30 4.50 5.45 and about to have a feed. I kept track of times as I woke up. It's ridiculous and I exhausted.
What can I do to encourage good sleep. He wakes for his dummy I'm assuming as he goes straight off.
I hope this is a phase and passes soon. We are away I'm holiday next week and I'm dreading it. :-((

2littlemonkeysjumping Mon 15-Apr-13 06:45:54

We have Ewan the sheep but I generally only use his when ds2 dropping off to sleep in evening. I took your advice leelteloo and put it on every time he woke lastnight, and, although he woke 5 or 6 times between 11 and 6, I didn't have to pick him up once- that's an enormous improvement on the usual! Could be just chance as no two nights are the same but I am going to take it as (1) a sign that things are improving and (2) I can say hand on heart that although he's not sleeping through the night, at least he's going through the night without milk!

I would love to swaddle as it is definitely his active little arms knocking out the soother etc, but he hates it, has done from the start. I swaddled ds1 til 5 months! Such different boys! Anyway thanks for advice and hope the rest of you fared well.

CarlyRose80 Mon 15-Apr-13 07:32:28

Hi thanks. Yeah I've had white noise for him since he was quite small to help with day time naps. I've just started using it for night but still with no affect. Last was sleep at 9. Woke at 10. 11.30. 12.30. Offered food at 1/30 and took an ounce. Then slept for 2 hours till 3.30, then every hour till 5.30 then slept till 7 where we are now up. he had his bottle at 5.30 which was a 3oz!
I am still clueless. Done the swaddling thing and it just depends on his mood when he goes to bed as to if he will tolerate it but even when he is swaddled he still wakes the same.

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