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Why won't my baby stay asleep?!

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LovelyWeatherForDucks Mon 08-Apr-13 19:02:56

My 6 month old went bed/sleep at ten past 6, it's now 6.58 and I've already been in twice to shh/pat him back to sleep (he fell asleep on his bottle, then put him in cot dozy and shh/patted til fully asleep). This will probably continue all night, as it usually does. I have no evenings, no sleep and we're on the verge if shelling out £££ for a sleep trainer. Any ideas what could be the problem?!

saycheeeeeese Mon 08-Apr-13 20:04:52

Wind? Maybe it's too early and he's not actually ready for his nights sleep yet.

ihearsounds Mon 08-Apr-13 20:08:44

It's normal for babies to not sleep through still at this age.

TreeLuLa Mon 08-Apr-13 20:09:42

Erm... he's 6 months old???

saycheeeeeese Mon 08-Apr-13 20:17:25

I don't think it's unreasonable to expect him not to wake within an hour though. If my DD had woke every hour at 2weeks let alone 6 months I would've been ready for the hills!

Wheresmycaffeinedrip Mon 08-Apr-13 20:19:02

Does he have a dummy or anything?

StrawberrytallCAKE Mon 08-Apr-13 20:20:07

Did he finish his bottle? If not he may still be hungry.

Wishwehadgoneabroad Mon 08-Apr-13 20:20:09

My DD (5months) goes down at 7..maybe 6.10 is a little early. What time do you start your wind down routine? What time is his last feed/bottle?

Do you immediately go in when he wakes, or do you leave him to try to self settle?

Andcake Mon 08-Apr-13 20:26:45

Mines 7.5 months and does this for the first few hours of the night and then the last (although now days I bring him in with us instead) he sleeps for maybe 3-5 hours in the middle.
I've heard different arguments from them not being ready for bed or being over tired so need more naps.
Apparently a babies sleep cycle is 45 mins or so and they all wake/stir then and if they can't self settle wake you to help them back to sleep. But I'm having a nightmare getting mine to self settle and I just think some learn faster than others. Ive tried nearly everything but i cant cope with cio or cc and we once tried a gentler version and he cried for an hour and never settled :-(
Ds defiantly still needs me to self settle and last night dh slept in a different room and we co slept all night. He slept through and although I didn't sleep brilliantly every hour or so a little hand reached out for my sleeve then seemed to go back to sleep. Co sleeping isn't a long term solution for me but it did mean both DP and I are feeling a bit better today.

Wishwehadgoneabroad Mon 08-Apr-13 20:30:32

Oh, previous poster just made a good point..

Naps in the day - how many is he having? Definitely true (I think!) that when overtired, they coincidently, don't/can't sleep!

LovelyWeatherForDucks Mon 08-Apr-13 22:11:43

Don't worry, I certainly don't expect him to sleep thorough the night, but at least a couple of hours of not running upstairs every 30 mins would be nice!

He did a good burp, and I did a bit more winding when I resettled him the first time too to make sure.
He finished his 7oz bottle.
Has a dummy, which helps him fall asleep in the first place, but doesn't sooth him when he's stirring.

He went to sleep rather early today (usually it's more like 6.30-7) as he woke super early in the morning (5.30) so his usual routine shifted by an hour or so. We usually do wind-down books/quiet time at about 5.30, bath at 6, dressed and then milk about 6.20 - sometimes straight to sleep by 6.30, sometime takes til about 7 if he doesn't feed to sleep.

He has about 3 hours of naps during the day... On the days he doesn't nap so well his nights are definitely worse, but it's just getting silly now! (A worse night usually involves him being awake for an hour and a half or more in the small hours before being lulled back to sleep)

We usually end up co-sleeping in the early hours when i run out of patience, but still not getting much more than a 2 hour stretch from him these days! He used to manage from bedtime til at least 10 or 11 but no longer....

Resettling count is up to 7, in 4 hours.

He doesn't seem to be in any distress or discomfort, just very restless, as normal. Argh! I know he needs to learn to self soothe, but it's just very frustrating that its getting worse rather than better!

freelancegirl Mon 08-Apr-13 22:12:17

I'm with you am afraid - DS, now almost 9 months has never slept well in the evenings. I've tried every theory - over tired, under tired, too good naps, too little naps (our current issue) and nothing seems to make sense. He cluster fed in the evenings when very little and now, having resorted to co sleeping, he sleeps much better when I go to sleep. There are not many people it seems, that have this problem in the evenings, even if babies often do not sleep through the night yet. sometimes we can have 6 wake ups between going to sleep at 7ish and myself going to bed between 11-12. So no evening here either. Only rarely can I get him back to sleep without feeding.

Once I go to bed it's not too bad, comparatively, usually about 3 wake ups from midnight until 7.30-8am. Although I realise to some people that would be a lot!

My gP has prescribed liquid antihistamine to see if it an allergy giving him a nasal drip that wakes him up. Hasn't made much difference so far but we have been on holiday.

I intend to try some gentle sleep training soon and try to get him in the cot, with the theory that it might be because he can't self settle so wakes every cycle, but like you OP I don't Ike the thought of much crying.

So not much help for you except that you're not alone with this smile
I rarely have an evening to sit and relax and going out at night on my own is stressful as I know DS and DH will both be having a hard time without me there to settle him.

On the plus side DS seems very happy, healthy and his lack of sleep routine means we are flexible ourselves in terms of being out and about, visiting people and having holidays etc! Although I do worry about him not getting enough sleep as his naps are increasingly crap too, not for want of a lot of hard work on my behalf. When people say babies NEED x amount of sleep a day there seems to be something of a silent OR ELSE afterwards. I do worry about what that might be! Although like I said at the moment he seems very healthy and happy.

Maybe they'll just grow out of it...

KLou111 Mon 08-Apr-13 22:21:26

Have you tried ignoring him for a few minutes?

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