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Do we need a change of plan to improve 13 week olds sleep

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lazzaroo Sun 07-Apr-13 19:00:22

okay, I know it's still early days & I should remember what it's like from my first ( now 3) but I'm struggling.

Ebf 13 week old is terrible sleeper. She naps for 30-40mins t a time so instead of set nap times, I tend to follow a rule of 1.5 hours awake time. She is usually awake from her last nap at 5ish. I do bath & PJ's at 6-6.30ish for both dc. Dc1 goes to bed at 7ish, asleep by 7.30pm. Dc2 has last feed at 7ish and then asleep by 8 pm. She often then stirs at the 45min mark & has to be resettled. She is unsettled in her cot & often ends up ith me but I don't sleep then. She also ends up restless and full of wind by about 5am despite best efforts to wind in the night.

She's usually up for the day at 6am but often not really interested in first feed. I don't know if that's because of trapped wind or because she's fed too much in the night & just not hungry! She is tending to feed at 9.30/10ish and then after that is anyone's guess! She will tend to go longer if sleeping on us ( I do mean on, not just with!) rather than in cot.

Has anyone found miracle answer for this age? Any suggestions on what we can try?

NotSoNervous Sun 07-Apr-13 20:18:10

Sorry no miracle answer but I'm watching on in case you got given one, I'm desperate for a miracle too

gentlemantobed Sun 07-Apr-13 20:28:54

Sorry am going to be no help but just wanted to show moral support as I'm in exact same boat with a 12 wk old. We've found revisiting swaddling this week has helped settle DS in cot a little better during night but still puzzled about how to reduce the wind issue - no amount back patting or rubbing brings up a burp at night so it all ends up at the bottom end eventually!
Currently feeding approx 11pm, 2-3am and 5am so also not truly hungry til mid morning. Will watch your post for ideas!

lazzaroo Sun 07-Apr-13 20:46:24

Reassuring to know it's not just us! Our little ones sound very similar. Am currently rocking her back to sleep after first wake up of the night! She was too sleepy to bring up wind after 7pm feed.....doesn't give me much hope for the night ahead!

DangerMousey Sun 07-Apr-13 21:16:31

Hey ladies i can't offer a solution to the unsettled-ness problem, but I wanted to respond to gentleman to bed's comment about her DS having a 5am feed and then not being interested in a morning feed until mid morning.

My DS did this too, at about 9 weeks - it was really annoying and I didn't know how to fix it, but after a week or so, DS just seemed to get the idea and stopped waking for that feed, gradually pushing it back to a reasonable morning hour: first 6am, then 7, and now he wakes at 7 ish but doesn't cry for a feed until 7,45 ish (17 weeks old now).

However, after the problem had solved itself, someone recommended that I should have reduced the amount of milk i gave him at that feed by 1oz each night, ie 7oz first night, 6oz the second night, 5oz the third night etc etc. Apparently this would have encouraged him to drop this feed, and wake instead at 6 or 7am for a breakfast feed. DS is FF which would probably make this easier than if you are BFing, but might be worth a try? Offer a shorter feed each night, to tide him over to breakfast, and then he might get the idea and stop waking for it??

tinkletinklestar Thu 11-Apr-13 07:29:34

Hi I am in the same boat with my 13 week old, she has a dream feed between 9&10pm then will wake around 2am but she isn't interested in feeding and will only do an oz or 2. From that point there is no going back to sleep for me, she just wont settle.

She only ever cat naps in the day also

How many oz do your dc take? Im lucky to get 3oz down dd each feed I demand bottle feed so sometimes shes 2 hours sometimes its 4 hours!

lazzaroo Thu 11-Apr-13 11:32:19

Welcome to the club! I am breastfeeding so have no idea how much she's taking! But he's quite nosey in the day so I am inclined to think she is filling herself up at night when she's sleepy & not missing anything!

She is having feed about 6.30/7ih then settled, usually by 7.30. Although she often needs resettling past the first sleep cycle at 45 mins. The last few days she has fed at 10.30pm, 1.30ish and the around 4-5am. She wakes for the day at 6ish and often not very hungry for first part of the morning.

It's not the waking to feed that bothers me o much, it's the fact that she won't settle in cot in between. Last night she was in with ne by11pm. Would have been ok but then my eldest also woke at 1.15am. 3 in a bed! (husband away!h. Then had tag team of each unsettling the other! With me not sleeping in the middle!

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