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I really believe there's something wrong

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BlingLoving Sun 07-Apr-13 08:47:34

Ds has always been a bad sleeper but we has seem huge improvement with regular nights sleeping through and when he did need us in night it was relatively easy to settle him.

But things have changed again an we are in a real pickle. Along with not going down easily in evening, he is waking in night and staying awake for hours. Just lying there, very restless, but can't sleep. He's not trying to play or asking for food - it's like e desperately wants to sleep but can't.

It's also strange because he wakes at exactly (To the minute) same time every night for a week or so. So this week it's been 1:10 am. Exactly.

Part of his restlessness is that he rubs/scratches his arms and pulls the sleeves of his pajamas. But I can see no rash/ skin condition.

Dh thinks he's just being difficult but I truly believe there's something wrong. He has gaviscon at night but dr says there's nothing wrong otherwise. He is well during the day although sometimes he's obviously tired.

I'm taking him to a new chiro tomorrow but don't know what else to do. Any ideas?

He's 2 btw.

Wereonourway Sun 07-Apr-13 08:55:52

I telly don't know whether this is the case but a friend of mine had her ds on ranitidine for reflux and within a few days he just wAsnt sleeping.

Sounding similar to your ds and apparently it's a known side effect of ranitidine so it could be something in the gaviscon??

A stab in the dark I'm afraid and probably no help but wanted to me ruin the coincidence

Wereonourway Sun 07-Apr-13 08:56:19

God sorry for all typos, preparing breakfast and typing at same time

BlingLoving Sun 07-Apr-13 09:35:26

Thanks. I don't think so as he's been on gaviscon since birth practically. He does have it with formula still as its easiest but I have decided to stop that as it might be the formula is making him uncomfortable.

omama Mon 08-Apr-13 22:31:25

What's his daytime routine look like? Wakeup time, nap time/length, bed time? Does he nap every day or does he skip his nap some days?

ommmward Tue 09-Apr-13 10:02:19

He might well be underproducing melatonin? Explore with doctor, or order from the USA (you can't buy it in this country but it isn't illegal).

Is he wearing cotton pyjamas? Are they very soft? (if not, the fabric might be irritating his skin)

Without wanting to scare you, I'd read up a little on sensory processing disorder - finding clothes uncomfortable and problems with melatonin production can correlate with that (i.e. you might be needing to go down a route of weighted blankets or something but it's expensive to do just as an experiment)

BlingLoving Tue 09-Apr-13 16:01:43

Thank you. I will look into melatonin - never even heard of it as an issue.

I do think he is a bit sensitive on heat etc. In fact, we've bought him regular bedding as we think he increasingly finds his sleeping bags restrictive. We haven't started using it yet as we need it to be a little less cold. Certainly, we know already that he gets hot very easily and has done since he was tiny.

In terms of his day time routine, until this latest disaster with sleep it was roughly:

7:00 wake up. Milk, cuddles, chatter away to us and the cat! smile. Then TV while we get breakfast ready.
7:45: Breakfast
11:45: Lunch
12:45: upstairs for nap - nappy change, cuddles, milk then into bed.
14:15/14:30 wake up.
17:00 supper
18:15 tv and milk
18:45 - upstairs for bath and bedtime routine
7:30 bed.

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