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Why why why for the love of god why

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CalamityJones Sat 06-Apr-13 02:54:35

My daughter is 20 months and has been reliably sleeping through for about six months. Until this week. Monday she woke at 3, wouldn't settle till 5:30. Tuesday 12:30 till 2. Two nights of respite and then tonight - oh, tonight's peachy. She's been awake since midnight, still really unsettled, lots of crying. Given calprofen in case of teeth, given cuddles, left her alone.. still awake. What is this??? God, I actually thought we'd cracked it. Am about to join her in crying.

Eating43 Sat 06-Apr-13 18:52:20

I would guess teeth, even though you have given Calprofen. Usually turns out to be the reason in our house.

PeggyL Sat 06-Apr-13 19:26:23

Have you just started weaning her onto food? With my first, he was a terrible sleeper, then got better, then we weanen him and he was awake every 2 hours for about 3 weeks...think it's their little bodies problem in joining in with the crying, I do that a fair bit with my DS (3 months old) who is being a right pickle at the moment, good luck x

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