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If you fed to sleep, how and when did you stop?

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pnin Wed 03-Apr-13 13:07:13

I’m gathering ideas on gearing up to stop in coming months. 90 percent of the time it’s fine and I’m used to it, but 10 percent it leads to really broken nights and I can’t get comfy and she’s big and thrashy! Second daughter is 20 months and has co-slept (although from a year old has started off in her own bunk bed) since birth. Also carried for every nap and sometimes fed in sling for naps even now! (yes, yes, rod for back etc ;))

First daughter the same, but stopped feeding her to sleep in her single bed at age 22 months and although it was hard and there were three nights of hour long crying/settling/cuddling but no feeding/ she slept through pretty much from then.

But I think the second is more demanding as she’s a second child. She is more anxious to be separated from me than the first (I work three days a week while husband looks after them) so I’d like to approach this sensitively as I can.

I tried Jay Gordon nightweaning a few months ago but it didn't seem to get better and she got worse at about day 8 so I gave up. Also, couldn't work out how they'd get the message given you pick what is an arbitrary time for the child (ie not 11-6am but you can feed to sleep outside this window -- seems confusing, no?)

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