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Daytime naps- help needed

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Melpf Wed 03-Apr-13 10:26:28

One of my 8 week old twins sleeps really well during the day but the other one refuses to sleep unless held. She isn't too bad at night but during the day she screams whenever we put her into her cot and often wakes her sister up.. We have been trying to get her to sleep in the cot during the day for over 3 weeks with no luck. Any help or advice would be most welcome. Thanks

SquashedPea Wed 03-Apr-13 11:31:13

Maybe try her in the buggy. Then when she stirs you can rock her back to sleep. I didn't manage daytime naps in the cot with DS1 until he was about 8 months.

Offcolour Wed 03-Apr-13 14:55:29

Have you tried a sling? Means you can still get things done. My ds was like this when tiny but now prefers this cot, if you keep trying to put them down, they will eventually accept it, but you can use the sling when it doesn't work to get you through the days.

Gintonic Wed 03-Apr-13 22:26:51

I used pick up/ put down with mine at about that age when mine wouldn't nap in the day. It worked really quickly for us.

roamingwest Thu 04-Apr-13 19:29:12

Did you use pick up / put down at 8 weeks gintonic? I have been thinking it might be useful for my 10 wo but didn't think it was recommended til they were older?

omama Fri 05-Apr-13 07:08:10

Its not recommended til 4 months. Before that you can use sssh/pat. Have you ruled out reflux/silent reflux?

blushingmare Fri 05-Apr-13 19:23:01

Sling or buggy. My dd had all of her naps in the sling til about 4.5 months and then would nap in the buggy, where she still naps at 10mo - I haven't even tried getting her into the cot as she sleeps so well in the buggy.

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