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Nicknamefail Wed 03-Apr-13 10:10:04

Dd is 6mo. Goes to sleep beautifully at 7 on her own in her cot. (Usually.)

She wakes 2 to 3 times by midnight and settles with a bf. Around midnight she wakes and won't settle until in bed with us.

Last night I tried pick up put down but caved after a 2 hour cry session (unheard of in middle of night previously.) She instantly slept when I put her in my bed.

What I want is for her to sleep in her cot, in her own room (next to my bed at present). I don't mind feeding at night if she'll settle after.

I am also about to start weaning. I think all these things are too much to do at once. Should I start weaning for a few weeks before starting to change sleep? Should I deal with getting her to stay in the cot first before moving it out of my room?

Also, any thoughts on how to get her to stay in the cot? I am not keen on cc. I could give pu/pd another go. Gradual retreat is an option but she has never settled when she can see me and is not being held.

Other issues. We live in an odd set up in a flat with thin walls. I know next door flat are going away for all of summer from beginning if June, should I wait for then to sleep train? Also dp has stupid job and works away til at least half midnight and has to get up at 6. He has some time off in June when he could help. If he is working he will have to go downstairs during sleep training so he is safe to drive without sleep deprivation. (I don't mind doing on my own but may resort to MN for hand holding!)

I should say dd is ebf. I am very happy there is no medical issue/tongue tie/reflux etc. I just have a boob/cuddle monster and would live my own bed back!

Apologies for long post, any advice great fully received.

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