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2 month old wont sleep in moses basket, wants to feed all night

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iccarus Tue 02-Apr-13 21:21:18

my ds is 9 weeks and over the last 2 weeks has been getting more and more difficult to settle to sleep. as soon as he realises he has been put down which might be after 2 mins or 20 but rarely longer, he screams until he can go bk on the boob, just sucks for a few seconds and drops bk off. the only way i can get any sleep is with him in bed and latched on all night. im scared of sids and v uncomfortable. Also have 2.5 year old who keeps asking me to put his brother down so he can have a cuddle/ story/ play and ds2 not having it. i just want to be able to put him down. he wont take a dummy and as far as i can see is not teething or ill. any ideas would be great. xx

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