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What sleep training method to use when 6mo NEVER stops crying?!

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Brandnewbaby Tue 02-Apr-13 07:29:32

Hi, I'm on my third baby now and was looking forward to the easy-going one everyone promised. In my dreams! DS is now 6 months and will only sleep in his cot if I bf him. Even then it takes ages and he consistently wakes and screams when I transfer him to his cot. This has been getting worse and I now have to do it six or seven times each time he wakes, and he wakes at least very two hours.

I've been trying the Pantley pull off from the NCSS but this seems to have just made him pull off the boob and grab back on again loads of times as he's falling asleep with isn't particularly comfortable. I want to try Pupd but he doesn't stop crying when I pick him up, in fact he cries harder. And gradual withdrawal won't work for the same reason, he just never stops crying unless my boob is in his mouth.

I can't be the the only one with the problem! Where do I start? Can anyone share their success?

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