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gradual retreat naps

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twotrackmind Sat 30-Mar-13 17:16:15

We are doing gardual retreat. It has been going very well - DD was an all-night waker/breastfeeder/snuggler and is now sleeping through with minimal objection (only 5 days in mind you, so I now it could get worse again).

Naps are another story. Previously she was walked to sleep in pram for naps. This could be a lengthy process.

Now we are doing gradual retreat. First 3 days she was with my Mum, went down after some protest but napped well. Yesterday she woke at 7am, started trying to get her to nap at 12, she finally fell asleep at 2, slept til 4.10.

Today I tried putting her down later as this had worked when she was with my Mum. Got her in the cot (sleepy) at 1, she fell asleep at 2.30 after on and off grumbling but only slept 30 mins.

Just wondering why she is so hard to get down for a nap when the last couple of nights she has gone to sleep very quickly at bedtime.
Any help/thoughts/suggestions very welcome. I am off work til Tuesday so had hoped to make some progress on naps by then.

twotrackmind Sat 30-Mar-13 17:16:32

She is 21 months btw.

KLou111 Sat 30-Mar-13 17:49:22

I'd say she's knackered at bedtime!
My ds is the same with his nap. He only has 30 mins now at 1/1.30ish. He's in a bed, so I sit on the chair next to him, facing him and pretend I'm asleep. Within 2 mins, his eyes are closed and he's away.

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