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Advice on introducing a bedtime routine for DD 3wks when I also have a 2.10 year old

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Radiator1234 Fri 29-Mar-13 14:59:21

DD is almost 3 weeks. I am keen to introduce a bath/ feed/bed routine quite soon as we did this at 3 weeks with DD1 and she was always a good sleeper/good baby etc. I am not a die hard Gina Ford or Tracey Hogg fan or anything, but I did find that a nice simple routine worked for us in the evenings.

It's still relatively early days...but I am struggling to see how I can combine bedtime routines for the two. Any tips would be appreciated!

DD1 returns from nursery 6.30pm ish, we then have dinner usually finishing at 7-7.15' then put her in the bath, then teeth, story and bed by8. We used to put her in bed earlier but with nursery etc the time has got later.

In amongst this, DD2 may be asleep, or she may need feeding. If she cries it usually creates drama and makes DD1 cry.

Just all seems mega chaotic to me and I always seem to miss the window to give DD2 a bath unless I do it after DD1 is in bed, which seems late to me and DD2 is often asleep anyway.

I know it's early days and things will get easier in time and they can go in the bath together etc.... But any pearls of wisdom appreciated.

I am often doing this on my own.

Aldwick Sat 30-Mar-13 22:40:11

If you're currently on mat leave could you not collect your eldest from nursery earlier so that you could start 'bedtime' earlier. I used to bath mine together then feed the baby one side while reading a bedtime story to the toddler, settle the toddler into bed then take the baby through for the other side and into bed. That was the theory anyway - in reality I quite liked cuddling babies on the sofa in the evenings!

Sutherlandgirl Sat 30-Mar-13 22:41:00

Oh I do sympathise! I had DD when DS had just turned 2 and also tried to have a simple routine as that had worked with DS. It was all a bit hit and miss I'm afraid for the first 3 months but I did find that a split feed for DD before and after her bath worked, it seemed to calm her down and stop the colicky evenings (although she still took quite a lot of settling at bedtime!)

Is there any way DD1 can have dinner at nursery? If not, I guess the easiest for you might be to feed babe before you pick up Your eldest so that she is full, get home, have dinner then bath the two of them together, and either put DD1 to bed followed by feed/bed for the little one, or if DD1 can cope, have her sit with you while you feed/put little one to bed.

Hope that makes some vague sense!

bonzo77 Sat 30-Mar-13 22:52:57

This is what works for me, though i have 2 boys, slightly older than your girls, but an identical age gap. I let the baby sleep (perhaps in a sling) until DS1 is ready for his bath. Bathe them together, getting baby out first, dressing him in the bathroom. Do DS1's teeth before getting out the bath. Put baby in a bouncy chair with a dummy if it helps while you dress DD1. Then feed baby while reading to DD1. Put whichever child settles easiest to bed first. In our case they both settle easily and baby goes down first so I can have one to one time with my oldest. He watches tv for a few minutes while I put the baby down.

Radiator1234 Sun 31-Mar-13 02:56:05

All three replies v helpful. Thank you!

This evening ( obviously a non nursery evening) I stuck them both in te bath together for the first time and also fed DD2 while reading to D D1.

Like the idea of starting bedtime earlier but also am resigned that it might just still be chaos for a few months. Thank you!

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