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I'm tired. Tell me how tired you are too.

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SquidgersMummy Fri 29-Mar-13 14:04:06

I'm tired. I haven't had more than 3 hours sleep in a row since I first brought the baby home. Not her fault, she likes sleeping but wakes a lot (albeit briefly-ish) due to itchy eczema, and only booby works. This weather isn't helping her skin or my frustration at not being fast asleep under the quilt. I'm at that point of just wanting to tell - or rather shout - at everyone how tired I am. But in RL no one really wants to hear it do they? Bastards.
So if you're tired and want sympathy then let me just send you a hug, make you a nice brew and reassure you if I could pop round and take over for an hour whilst you got a nice nap on your own I would, I really would. We should set up a MN sleep exchange: those with babies that sleep through (does that really happen??) have to do a night a year at least giving some poor tired bugger a rest. Just an idea.... X

Nicknamefail Mon 01-Apr-13 10:46:04

And special hugs to squidgersmummy (massive nickname jealousy) who started this nice thread. Xx

SquidgersMummy Mon 01-Apr-13 22:20:51

Evening all. Well we have had MIL and FIL here for Easter so of course Squidger has been awake when too itchy with the blanket on, awake when too cold with it off, teething, grizzly, hysterically tired downstairs but pinging around and laughing when taken up and completely unable to sleep at any time without booby in her mouth. MIL has pointed this out (just in case I needed to know) and says she doubts Squidger will ever want to leave our bed now we have let her in. Of course MIL has not heard any nighttime awakenings and in response to assurances there were many she has told me not getting any sleep is to be expected and accepted now and that she gets no sleep even now, through worrying, though her DCs are in their 40s. <SquidgersMummy tried desperately not to look at the clock, reading 10am, when she said this having just got up> DH has of course been cooking and doing all sorts of gardening jobs. To all general observers = SquidgersMummy is just lying around in bed day and night with the baby whilst poor DH is running himself into the ground. (However as MIL has bravely attacked the ironing pile and has even done the bedding SquidgersMummy is saying nothing. Not a damn word.) Sleep and hugs to all X

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