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Night terror at 16 months - is it possible?

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lightsandshapes Wed 27-Mar-13 13:14:53

Ds spent a lot of last night screaming and wouldn't be consoled (except for breastfeeding which I was getting very tired of). Could you tell me your experiences of night terrors and how to deal with them. I'm wondering if he had one. Tia blush

iloveholidays Thu 28-Mar-13 21:25:49

My DD1 had night terrors very young, less than 1. My niece also had them around 2.5. The reason for both was overtiredness. I was trying to get DD1 into a routine, and my SIL was trying to drop lunchtime nap.

Obviously might not work for all,but make he's getting enough sleep during the day.


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