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Sleep regression or routine need changing, thoughts??

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waffles1 Wed 27-Mar-13 13:03:03

Our 22 month old ds has once again started waking at 5.30am, he's gone through these phases before but luckily have only lasted a few weeks, however this time it's been going on longer. I'm pregnant too so really finding the early mornings a huge struggle.
Below is a typical daily routine, any comments on if you think anything could be changed to help would be appreciated as feel sad seeing ds so tired and cranky.
5 30 wake up. Use gro clock to stay in cot until 6 15am
6 15 Up, milk in bed with us
6 45 Downstairs, breakfast, dressed
9.30-11.45 Morning activity. (snack at 10ish)
11.45 lunch
12.30-2 30 Nap
2.30 - 4.45 Afternoon activuty (snack at 3ish)
5pm Tea
5 30-6 Wind down time, books tv etc
6-6.30 Bath and pyjamas
6.45 Milk and bed, asleep usually by 7.15

Or is this just another sleep regression i should ride out?
Thanks for taking time to read! :-)

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