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Unusual Sleep Pattern - Just A Growth Spurt?

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LetThereBeCupcakes Wed 27-Mar-13 07:28:51

DS is 9 weeks old and usually like clockwork with his sleeping. However, all this has gone out of the window over the last couple of days!

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday last week he fed like crazy (every hour through the day, though had his normal feeds at night - 7pm, midnight ish and 4am). I didn't think much of this and assumed he was having a growth spurt. His feeding reverted to his normal pattern from Sunday onwards, but he refused to nap in the day at all - he probably had a maximum of one our total each day on Sunday, Monday and yesterday. He still fed and slept as usual at night. Then yesterday he fell asleep in his car seat at 4pm and has basically been asleep ever since - waking only for feeds. He's still asleep now. Is this just a growth spurt or could he be coming down with something? Do I just carry on letting him sleep as he wants to so long as he waking for feeds?

Apologies if I'm a bit PFB!

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