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Nearly 4 month old

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CarlyRose80 Tue 26-Mar-13 05:40:20

Hi. I don't really have a complaint. I'm after general opinions and advise I can follow to tweak/improve/help our routine.
A week short of 4 months routine is as follows.
4oz feed 5am (used to go back to sleep for an hour but now won't) so we are up for the day now (this I'd like help with)
Then a 4 to 5oz feed pretty much every 3 hours, sometimes sooner if he demands it. More often a 4oz as he struggles with the extra on a 5oz. Naps used to be good. He will have 3 in the day, one around 6.30am, then the rest depend on if he will go off as the last week he's refused to settle until the point of screaming the place down (but does eventually) this is a new habit he's picked up as before he was a good napper, infact I posted before that maybe he slept to much lol, how things have changed. He has anywhere between 2 and 5 hours during the day.
We have a good bedtime routine, chill time, bath, feed and to bed with out fuss. He will wake once or twice, tried feeding him but he's doesn't seem interested so gave him the dummy and he goes back off then up at 5 for a feed. How can I improve on either the waking for no reason or pushing get up time? It just general tips for a baby his age, I find entertaining him hard in awake times, what do you do? Thanks xx

MoonlightandRoses Tue 26-Mar-13 13:43:51

Ah, it sounds as though you are hitting the 4 month growth spurt (can be physical, mental or both), which is probably why the sleep pattern has changed. That should sort itself out in anything between 1 - 3 weeks.

On the entertaining bit - your voice is good, just chatter away to him, sing, etc., but give pauses for him to take it in. Can't really remember what mine did at that age, but have a feeling it involved lots of textures and several rattles. You might find some ideas on The Imagination Tree too.

Hope he gets over the sleeping issues soon. Mind you, as soon as you figure a pattern they always seem to move onto a new one!

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