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2 year old dd running around room at bedtime!

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cheekymonk Mon 25-Mar-13 17:20:34

DD sleeps in same bedroom as us. Was sharing room with 8 year old ds but she kept climbing in his bed and disturbing his sleep. She has bath at 6.30 and goes to bed about 7pm after drink of milk. Lately though she is mucking about until 8.3- some nights! We have tried rapid return but she was laughing at us and I felt she was enjoying it all. Tried sleeping next to her but she kept sitting up and again mucking about with cuddly toys. Maybe we have less patience 2nd time around? I do geuniunely wonder if bed is comfy enough. also is it time for bedtime story as she is slightly more into books now. Any ideas??
also, I have wondered if we are at the need to skip or reduce daytime nap stage...

omama Mon 25-Mar-13 19:50:04

can you tell us when she wakes, when she naps & how long for? And does she nap every single day? Sounds a bit like she's not quite tired enough......

cheekymonk Mon 25-Mar-13 21:10:49

She wakes around 6.30-7am, has a nap any time between 10 and 2, can be for 2 hours (at childminders) 1 hour (nursery) and in between if at home. I agree, she doesn't seem tired enough. yes she naps every day. Thanks omama

cheekymonk Mon 01-Apr-13 15:49:22

Any more ideas with this- its getting desperate!!! Its taking an hour and a half each night to settle her...
It may have been a stupid idea but have moved dd back in bedroon with D. She is in an adult sized bed with bedguard as she was giving me strong feeling she hated toddler bed. Have tried sitting by her side, putting her back continually but I find she keeps laughing and I get so stressed. It has become a real battle and I feel I have lost the plot with it all really, keep trying so many approaches etc. She slept in toddler bed fine until she kept falling out hence putting bed guard on. Since then she has resisted more. She wouln't go down for nap today despite being clearly knackered. She is not eating much which I think is main problem as she is waking early and is hungry. She is fighting everything and with not talking it is really affecting family life. It has been a bit of a miserable bank holiday really. Plan to see HV tomorrow but any thoughts in meantime would be appreciated by a frazzled mum dad and brother!!!

cheekymonk Mon 01-Apr-13 17:32:34


WorrisomeHeart Mon 01-Apr-13 18:10:25

We've had a similar issue with DS (also 2.5). We're in the process of dropping the nap which seems to be doing the trick. He's a nightmare from 4pm until crashing around 6.30pm but I think it will get better as he adjusts. Yesterday he slept in the car and took ages to go to sleep again so I'm fairly certain that's the issue.

breatheslowly Mon 01-Apr-13 19:02:58

Is she just 2 or nearer 3? Various websites suggest that a 2 year old needs 13 hours and a 3 year old needs 12 hours. If she sleeps 2 hours in the day then she might need as little as 10 hours at night. Obviously you might rather reduce her nap rather than have a later bedtime, but you can't really expect her to have a 2 hour nap and 12 hours sleep a night. Why is she sleeping so long at the CM?

cheekymonk Mon 01-Apr-13 20:22:45

Well a bit of progress tonight- dd settled in half an hour tonight- MAJOr improvement!!!! She is 26 months. We don't let her sleep for over an hour in the day now and we add to ask cm to not let it go past 2 hours as sometimes it was 3!!! I think there is a change in the nap like you say worrisomeheart. Cm days are the biggest problem so i see what you are saying. its funny how you lose all sense and logic with stress!!! Thanks ladies.

breatheslowly Mon 01-Apr-13 21:25:21

Good news. Tell the CM no more than an hour - why pay for someone to look after a sleeping child and cause you grief later? At DD's nursery they have a list of restricted lengths of sleep and I think about 1/3 of children (aged 2-3) are on the list, it is quite normal.

BettyFlutterbly Wed 03-Apr-13 20:52:20

Hi. I'm having similar issues with my 31 month old dd.
She's always been a frequent night waker, which cosleeping has sorted out for now, but at the moment she's doing anything to stop herself falling asleep. She's so sleep deprived and I'm shattered and five months pg!
There's no way I can drop her nap but maybe a shorter nap and a really early night might be the answer.
A good relaxing bedtime routine including stories has always helped and waking her up at the same time every day.
I love Elizabeth Pantley and it all makes sense but I have to stay strong to stick to a plan!!
Good luck. It's so tough! X

cheekymonk Thu 04-Apr-13 20:09:27

Oh hope you get it sorted soon bettyflutterbly! DD settled in 20 mins tonight after only half hour sleep today. She tool 1 hour 20 mins for me on Tuesday after 2 hours 30 sleep with cm! Have told cm and she's not too happy about it really but it is having a real impact. Have you seen that bedtime live on c4 too on a Tuesday??

omama Thu 04-Apr-13 21:33:11

cheekymonk - it does sound like it is nap related & she is cutting back on her daytime sleep needs. Glad you are having some success with cutting her nap back a bit. We never managed to do that successfully, ds was always a horrendous grump if woken from a nap earlier than 2hrs!!!

One thing I've come to accept with my ds since he turned 2 is that on days he naps there is absolutely no point in putting him to bed before 8pm because he simply isn't tired enough. So we have 2 routines - on nap days he will nap approx 2-4pm & bedtime is 8pm, if he has no nap he's usually in bed around 6.30pm. By putting him down later on nap days, there is no messing around, its straight to bed & he's usually asleep within 10mins.

Another thing I have found with him, is the earlier in the day he naps, the more messing around we get at bedtime. So if he were up at 7am & napped 12-2, he would arse around for aaages at bedtime, whereas putting him down 2-4pm means he's had a much more tiring morning & is way easier to settle at bedtime.

Finally, wrt her constantly getting out, it may have become a bit of a game for her, by you staying in the room & continually putting her back in. I am wondering if perhaps the antics continue even with the shorter nap, it would be worth putting up a stairgate & then putting her to bed once & then come straight out & leave her to it.

If my ds is reluctant to get in bed I usually just tell him calmly & firmly that it is time for bed now & mummy is leaving the room & then I give him the choice: he can either get into bed & I will tuck him in or he can stay on the floor & get in by himself in the dark. It usually does the trick wink.

Failing that, perhaps a reward chart for staying in bed with a treat if she achieves say 5 good bedtimes? hth.x

cheekymonk Fri 05-Apr-13 09:48:28

Interesting omama, thank you for the time you have taken to reply. I like the idea of 2 routines. I agree it has become a game and yes have got stair gate up. What was concerning me is that we have been consistent but the time wasn't shortening to settle her but as last night took 20 mins with only a 30 min nap I will monitor. Thank you!

CharlotteBronteSaurus Sat 06-Apr-13 08:06:07

no advice, but sympathy
in fact i came to post about a similar issue
2.6yo DD2 has outgrown her cot, and has been a beast rather challenging since going into a bed. she simply won't stay there.

I wondered about rapid return, but my one (admittedly half-baked) attempt didn't work, as she found it an excellent and hilarious game, and I got so wound up after the 25th time I had to come downstairs for wine fear of shouting at her. she's now started refusing her nap, which does make bedtime a little easier, but from 4-6.30pm she's shattered and miserable. oh joy...

cheekymonk Mon 15-Apr-13 20:30:52

omama, have taken your advice. have cleared out room as much as possible and made sure its safe, stairgate up and left her to it. The 'training' wasn't getting any better whereas last night she did take an hour to go to sleep but went to sleep herself and didn't climb into ds's bed either. Tonight took an hour again but to my horror she had fallen asleep by bedroom gate and had a poo! her speech is delayed so she couldn't tell me poor mite. I did wonder but it wasn't a come and get me now kind of cry, in hindsight I'm you.
how are you getting on Charlotte?

cheekymonk Mon 15-Apr-13 20:31:31

in hindsight a knackered and come and get me cry I was trying to say

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