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3 year old regression - shattered

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maybesomemoney Thu 21-Mar-13 06:52:38

Our 3 year old DD has taken to waking several times a night after being a good sleeper. It is awful. We go in to settle her and she just wails and screams if we try to go back to bed and follows us through. We have DS in our bedroom as he is still BF and she then wakes him. We have a very small double bed so letting her sleep with us isn't really an option as no one gets any sleep that way.
Am reluctant to set up a bed in her room that one of us - would have to be DH as I am still BFing - sleeps on as she will come to expect that. We are bothe exhausted and averaging a few hours sleep a night attending to her. Any advice would be great. Have tried night lights, etc but they don't work.

MissRabbitsCV Mon 08-Apr-13 22:41:09

Watching with interest. Our 3.3 yo DS1 slept through the night from 7 weeks until DS2 arrived last summer. We thought it was an attention thing due to newborn DS2 getting attention at night but since then matters have got progressively worse and we are now at a point when over the last 14 days he has only slept through the night on 4 occasions. Reward charts have stopped working. DS2 still doesn't sleep through at 9 mths. DH and I work full time and are slowly losing the plot.

Have things improved since you posted??

ommmward Tue 09-Apr-13 09:58:38

small mattress on the floor next to your bed?

Why not have a bed in her room for this stage? She's not still going to be expecting someone to sleep with her aged 12 - there'll come a moment when she's ready to sleep alone all night

(I'm a line of least resistance parent, me)

Suchanamateur Tue 09-Apr-13 10:06:15

Is she still napping? 3 yo DS' sleep improved when we cut the nap although still not perfect. He's struggled without the nap in the afternoons but 3 months later, I think we're there. I feel for you though - 1.2 yo DD doesn't sleep through and when both of them wake its hell (especially as they seem only ever to tag team rather than wake in parallel - grrr)

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