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Sleep training and twins....

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Nancy54 Tue 19-Mar-13 18:46:16

So I've got bg twins who are 6 months next week and their sleep is going from bad to worse. They both go down fine in their cots around 730 after bath bed routine but by 10 one is always awake wanting boob. If I don't feed them they scream and sometimes wake up the other and or wake again 15 mins later if dp does manage to get them to go down. I usually spend at least an hour feeding dtg between 10 and12. (She falls asleep feeding, I put her down, she wakes 5 mins later and wants to feed again) and then she tends to wake two hourly from midnight. Dtb does the similar evening waking but will take a bottle from dp around midnight (he also had one before bed) and them sometimes sleeps through to five or six ish or sometimes wakes again around two or three and won't go down without breast feed. Last night I fed her 5 times and he had a bottle plus 3 Breast feeds. The feeds after midnight are always quick, just for comfort not hunger. Anyway I am on my knees!!!! Don't know what to do, co sleeping not an option, neither is cc (don't really want to do that anyway) because they'll wake each other up. Any one got any experience of twinny bad sleepers????

MERLYPUSS Tue 19-Mar-13 20:42:41

I combination fed mine. I also had a dummy for the first 9 mths or so. Giving the last feed as a bottle feed I was confident that they were topped up so didnt feel mean giving them a dummy if they murmered a couple of hours later. I woke one when feeding the other. I got DH to don one feed last thing at night and we took it in turns getting up for the 5 o/c dawn chorus feed. It was grim. I still have a sleeper and a non-sleeper (5yrs) but now in separate bedrooms. I never wanted to split them but it was making everyone grumpy when DT2 woke us all.
Good luck.

Nancy54 Wed 20-Mar-13 07:18:33

Hi merly, thanks for your reply. Dtb does have a bottle before bed but I can't get dtg to take one. Neither will take s dummy, I tried again this week, but maybe six months is a bit late?
Also, we can't separate them as we haven't got enough bedrooms!

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