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Music to sleep by

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TallulahBetty Wed 20-Mar-13 21:20:22

My 16 month old DD loves both the above toys - fisher price seahorse and my pal Violet.

SpyroTheDragon Wed 20-Mar-13 05:38:54

There's a leapfrog Goodnight Scout/Violet that plays 10/20 mins of lullabies or nature sounds. I use it for my 19 month old.

Bearandcub Wed 20-Mar-13 05:33:54

My pal Scout/violet has bedtime music for 2, 5, 10 min options

Andcake Wed 20-Mar-13 04:50:14

We have a fisher price seahorse. A gift from my db- it sometimes works a treat. It has a glowing tummy that ds stares at as he try's to dose off as well. It lasts for ten mins with tunes and ocean noises. Sometimes it seems to overstimulate him and he loves waving it round the cot:-) we play it at every sleep as part of our routine.

milkyman Tue 19-Mar-13 15:00:06

I'm looking for some sort of lullaby toy to assist with sleep. The ones I've seen only last a couple of minutes. We dont have access to a stereo/ipod so cds etc.. no use. Can anyone recommend anything?

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