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18 weeks, I am expecting too much arent I?

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wannabeEostregoddess Tue 19-Mar-13 09:13:36

Oh Lamazeroo that sounds awful sad

I know it could be much much worse.

Lamazeroo Tue 19-Mar-13 09:08:29

To put it in perspective: my 17 month old still wakes every 40 mins to two hours, has never slept longer than three hours and won't go to sleep before 10pm. I'd say your DD is doing pretty bloody well! Like you said yourself, you're the same parent you were to your first baby. They are all different, all individuals, and she will sleep through one day (that's what I continually tell my shattered self after 17 months...)

wannabeEostregoddess Tue 19-Mar-13 09:02:49

I bring her in with us some nights after the 3am feed but she still wakes again at 5. Shes happy in her cot and at 7.30pm last night she was lying on me on the sofa but her hands went up behind her head and she wriggled about and thats the cue for wanting her cot. So I dont think its that. Though she is clingy durimg the day.

After her 1oz bottle last night she slept until 6am! Had another bottle and is only stirring now.

FadBook Tue 19-Mar-13 08:57:06

Co sleeping an option?

Is it that she just wants to be near you?

scratchandsniff Tue 19-Mar-13 04:29:41

My 21 week DS wakes at similar times - fed and down at 7ish, wakes for bottle at 10/11, wakes at 1ish but I give the dummy and I'm hoping he'll get the message on that one, he then wakes at 4ish and I will feed him as he seems genuinely hungry, up at 6.30/7 when I feed again. I do feel that he wakes out of habit a lot of the time but not going to expect too much or be sure definitely not hunger until properly taking solids at around 6mths. Think you're probably expecting a bit much. Some babies still need a couple of night feeds at this age.

alwayslateforwork Tue 19-Mar-13 04:25:34

This too shall pass ;-)

Ds1 fed every two hours day and night until he was ten mos old. We are all still alive, although I did wonder at the time.

Adopt a zen attitude of calm and carry on regardless. I feel your pain x

wannabeEostregoddess Tue 19-Mar-13 04:22:17

Well I witnessed it myself with DD1 so I know it happens grin

I know I probably am expecting too much, but theres just no time for me to sleep during the day. DD1 gets up at 7 so I need to be up with her and then shes at preschool from 11.30-2. Cant sleep then as too afraid of sleeping too long. Then DD1 is back!

I am able to get a nap or a lie on most days at the minute, because DP is here. But hes at a training thing this week and then he will hopefully be getting a job soon.

Oh I know its no reflection on my parenting. I just know she cannot possibly be hungry so the whole thing is frustrating. I could nap all day but its still broken sleep. I used to be ok with broken sleep but its really not agreeing with me right now!

FadBook Tue 19-Mar-13 04:15:29

At 18 weeks, I think you are expecting a bit too much. She's still tiny as doesn't know that sleeping all night helps you get some rest.

Google sleep regression 4 months. At around this age it's common for babies patterns to go haywire; development stages like rolling over, teething, growth spurts etc all effect sleep, even when they've slept through previously.

Try and sleep when she does in the day (I still do this now very occasionally and dd is 19 months!) and don't analyse it too much; sleeping through isn't an indication of how good a parent you are, and it is very common for babies to start this more post 12 months old, rather than pre 12 months (although friends and family may tell you white lies about their babies sleeping 12 hours straight from 2 weeks old!!)grin

wannabeEostregoddess Tue 19-Mar-13 04:14:18


I am still awake but shes fast asleep so I now know shes definately not hungry at 3am!

DD1 slept through from 10pm-8am from about 4weeks and then eventually that became 7pm-7am. She is 4 now and goes to bed at 7.30-8 with no issues at all.

Lovely little 8 week old feeds! I didnt mind it then!! But I cannot cope with the broken nights much longer!

Pleasenomorepeppa Tue 19-Mar-13 03:57:44

I haven't got anything helpful to add, but am up feeding 8 week old DD2 her 3am bottle!
I'm hoping she'll drop a night feed soon, but I'm pretty sure DD1 didn't sleep though until 6 months. She would go down at 7-7.30 & had a bf at 5am & then dozed until 6.30-7.
My 12 week old niece sleeps 10-7/8ish, which I'm terribly envious of grin.
Good luck!

wannabeEostregoddess Tue 19-Mar-13 03:36:42

DD2 will not sleep through. She wakes up at 3am no matter what time her last bottle was. Then shes up again at 5 and takes another bottle.

She goes down at 7.30pm. Not through anything other than shes tired at that time. Then she wakes around 11.30 and gets a bottle. Then she used to go through to 7.30!! Now its 3am then 5am. Shes taking 6oz bottles.

So, will upping the bottles help?

Only letting her nap at 7.30 and waking her again around 9 and then putting her back down at 11.30?

Tonight I cracked and tried giving her 1oz to get her back to sleep. She has stopped the crying and did her pre sleep moan for a few minutes and is now snuffling a bit. Hopefully falling asleep but I dont want to look incase it wakes her.

From this I am thinking that shes not hungry at 3 and is waking and needing comfort to go back down. Am I expecting too much in thinking she should be sleeping through?

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