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10/11 pm... how do you drop it???

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llhoneybee Thu 17-Jan-02 22:09:53

We have a fantastic baby of 15 weeks called Lyall.

Following Gina Fords routine, he now sleeps from 11 pm to 7 am, in fact if left he would sleep to 9 am.

I breat feed all day, except the 10/30 pm feed we have always given a bottle of a
which Lyall has dictated about 5/6 oz.

We tried to reduce this to 3/4 oz but this means he wakes at 5am... 4 hours earlier re the above!

Does anyone have any reccomendations of how to eventually drop this feed..... do we keep tryin in reducing the levels, but with the above in mind of what we have tried so far!?

llhoneybee Thu 17-Jan-02 22:16:25


JacquiKD Fri 18-Jan-02 13:44:56

My baby daughter was 12 weeks on Wednesday and is bottle fed.

For the first time on Wednesday night and also last night she slept through the night. We have not actually done anything different from previous nights - it is her that has dropped two feeds.

Now she has a bottle about 8pm or 8:30 pm and we get her into her crib by 9 pm or 9:30 pm (awake but fully fed).

She grizzles a bit to start with (if it grows into a full-blown wail, we go back and re-settle her) but eventually falls to sleep on her own.

Yesterday morning, she woke at 8:40 (just before I had to take the children to school) and actually waited until 9:10 to be fed (having dropped the 1 am and 5 am feeds). This morning I woke her at 8:20 so I could feed her before taking the other two to school.

She is currently only having 4 bottles a day, although saying that, sometimes she has a mid-feed top up in the early evening so sometimes she actually has nearly 5 bottles.

I can't recommend how to drop the 10/11 pm feed, my daughter just seemed to get there on her own (although she does weigh 13 lbs 2 oz - about 2 lbs heavier than my first born daughter at the same age!).

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