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What's your MO during the night if the baby wakes up?

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crazycrush Mon 11-Mar-13 11:08:54

My strategy for my 6 month old:

- give a good porridge dinner
- dress him warmer in bed when it is so cold
- introduce a comforter
- make sure I have something warm to slip into when I am woken at night, including something for the feet
- drink big bottle of extra hungry formula at first waking at midnight - time for DH to do a feed. (Worried though he will be too exciting for baby... Should I give it a go?)
- breastfeed in kids room if baby wakes during night, put back in cot if he falls asleep on boob or let self soothe for 5 minutes after feed if he hasn't fallen asleep
- if he wont sleep shush-pat for 10 minutes (or should that bit be longer?)
- if he still won't sleep in the cot or keeps waking up (because he is not feeling well) take him to sofa so we can both sleep... Transfer to cot if I wake up and he still sleeps (and this sofa excursion is only meant for days when he is teething or sick, so he has comfort)
- if I notice he starts to expect sleeping with me on the sofa I will find a new way but for now I am hoping he will grow out of it...

Does this sound reasonable?

What do you do?

crazycrush Sat 16-Mar-13 12:13:44

Shoeprincess- that kind of schedule us very familiar to me
Andcake- great way of dealing with the falling asleep issue... Have you continued with the shhh pat?

How are you doing?

We have done controlled crying since Tuesday and for naps he cries 30 seconds and evening less than 10 minutes. He woke less and last night slept through. Gosh. But I have to say that as a baby personality he is suitable for this... doesnt have the breastfeed to sleep association, able to suck thumb, likes to sleep and no probs going in the crib. Well, I don't want to jinx it now.

Will continue this for all sleeps
- feed in living room
- go to baby's room, sleeping bag on, one song, put in cot, put mobile on, get out.
- if he cries I sit outside the room and shhhh that quietness him.
- if he wakes at night I'll wait ten mins before going in, unless he is distressed of course. It happened twice that he settled himself after a couple of minutes .
- since doing this method I now have to stick to a routine a bit more so I have worked out his sleep times.

Andcake Sat 16-Mar-13 14:06:33

Hi...glad to hear its working and for us until last night my version of shh pat seems to be working with great success. After having a few days of hourly waking early this week once we introduced it we went 8-5 two nights in a row witha feed at 5 then in with us when he didn't resettle but I'm ok with that. Last night back to two night feeds and a few waking a but it was very windy here and his cot is a bit close to an air vent and its knocking woke him up a few times. The longer sleeps did mean naps became more difficult ( he just didn't yawn or get tired the first day) so I'm making a determined effort to get him to have naps today even if its on me. I do think one of the tricks for naps is not to let them 'get out of their nap' and re settle if they wake after a short time so it sounds like your technique will work. Ds is currently napping near me on the sofa but it took 2 hours to get him to sleep with a mixture of feeding, teething pain medicine and then a poo! One attempt into the cot failed so sofa on daddy's coat was better than anything else but at least I know me moving wont disturb him :-)

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