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Should I be concerned or thank my lucky stars?

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Wiggy29 Sun 03-Mar-13 07:47:34

I'll be as brief as I can (while hopefully still being clear) grin:

I've recently become a mum again, DS1 was probably your 'average' newborn i.e. woke every 3 hours, always woke screaming until he was fed and began to sleep 6-7 hours around 6 months (though by no means every night).

DS2 is just over a week and is a different kettle of fish. He rarely cries (though he does get unsettled with wind where he gives out short sharp 'shouts' but can be soothed by moving him around/ rubbing etc).

From birth, he was sleeping in 4 hour stretches, the past few days these have sometimes been 5 hours. Last night, he was fed at 22:00. I tried giving him both breasts (he normally just feeds for about 20mins from one per feed) to try and get him to sleep a longer stretch at night- which he took happily. He had wind so dp stayed up with him until about 2:30 when he seemed to be hungry again (started rooting etc). I got up, popped him in his basket while I went to the toilet and when I came back, he was sound asleep. I decided just to let him sleep and I lay down too - I've now woke up (7:40) and he's still sound asleep! That means he's went from 22:00- 07:40 with no food- should I be concerned or just shut up and be grateful that he seems to sleep for long stretches and, compared to ds1, barely cries? I'm not sure if he's just much more placid in nature?

I should add that he's fine with all the checks the midwife has done, he feeds really, really well (ebf) and when weighed barely lost any weight which midwife said was great for ebf. When awake, he is alert and happy and the only things that seem to phase him are getting his bum exposed to cold air and trapped wind.

He's still asleep now and I'm sat here with huge boobs wondering if I should be waking him and feeding him or enjoying the fact that I have two minutes to myself and make a brew????

Really appreciate any thoughts. smile

Wiggy29 Wed 06-Mar-13 14:41:17

Hi, just thought I'd update. The mw came yesterday& when he was weighed he'd lost 4 oz, she's advised waking& feeding him every 4-5 hours, feeding both breasts& nappy changing between breasts so he's fully awake. She did say that if he hadn't lost weight it would have been okay to leave him. Woke him last night& today- feel like the meanest mother but know it's for the best. He'll be weighed again Friday so I'll keep you posted.

Thank you all for your advice.

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