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Is there anything I can do to get my 7 month old to sleep more?

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lemontop Thu 28-Feb-13 09:10:54

DD is 7 months and generally a really lovely happy baby but the sleep situation is driving me insane. On a good night she will sleep from 7pm till 10pm then wake up every 1/1.5 hours when I will usually feed or cuddle her to sleep. I bf and we co sleep to make things easier. Last night she woke every 45 mins ish and was totally awake in the morning from 2-4.30 and then awake for the day at 6am.

Her crying in the night also wakes out 3 year old, who is in his own room.

I am just at a loss as where to even start sorting it out. DS didn't sleep through the night till he was 15 months but that was normally with only one wake up. I dream of that now! We did CC in the end with DS but my DD is so much younger and I really need to have some sort of improvement as I have to go back to work soon.

Anyway does anyone have any recommendations on how to improve the situation. If you were me wwyd? Zzzzz

Loislane78 Thu 28-Feb-13 17:55:02

I just posted on another v similar thread - I am you!!! My problem is self-settling or lack of so I'm trying to work on that. Tough though as she's not too bad at it for daytime naps so will just have to keep at it I guess.

GL to us! smile

lemontop Thu 28-Feb-13 19:52:37

Sorry to hear you are suffering too loislane. Fingers crossed you have a more restful night tonight. I think self settling is definitely the key but don't really know how to do it. I have lost my copy of No Cry Sleep Solution but have a copy of No Cry Nap Solution, which I seem to remember being exactly the same!! I bought both in desperation last time. I am blessed with non sleeping children.

I normally feed to sleep but often DH gets her to sleep then puts her in the cot. I have tried shhing and patting her in the cot but she just turns over and laughs at me. I think she is too young for CC and don't think I'd consider doing that till I know that she definitely doesn't need feeding in the night but don't really know what else to do. It's keeping our whole family awake. My DH got up early with both kids this morning to give me an hour's sleep before he went to work but he is really really knackered so I will probably have to bring her dowstairs if she is awake for a long period in the night.

forevergreek Fri 01-Mar-13 13:54:29

Am idea is to break the waking up and being fed, but actually waking them up and feeding. Sounds strange but it really does

So you say she sleeps until 10pm. I would put her to sleep at 7pm, then wake her to feed at 9.30pm, before putting back to sleep. Again, at 11pm wake her and feed. After a few days they begin to learn if they wake they wake themselves they don't nessesarily need feeding, as their needs have already been met with you waking when feeding time

If it works increase the gap ( bed at 7pm, wake at 10pm if not woken and feed etc, then wake 10.15/ 10.30 as she sleeps more). The aim would be 7pm bed, with 11pm dreamfeed, then either 1 or none until morning)

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