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I don't know how much more of this my nerves can take :-(

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teacher123 Thu 14-Feb-13 20:58:24

With DS he cries when he's tired and he actually cries more when I'm there. If I put him in the cot I get a couple of howls of outrage and then he usually settles reasonably quickly. Have you tried just leaving her for a couple of minutes? Seeing if she just needs to be on her own? When we shared a room I used to have to ignore DS when id put him in the cot. Roll over and sleep with my back to him!

There's plenty of millionaires shortbread going spare-I have tonsilitis and zero appetite hmm hope your night isn't too hideous!

Stumbleine Thu 14-Feb-13 18:06:58

Night feeds and wakings are not a problem as I know they're what she needs. What she doesn't need is all this upset trying to get to sleep! sad

WitchOfEndor Thu 14-Feb-13 18:03:38

I posted a similar thread when DS was 15 weeks! It is to be expected that they still wake for feeds unfortunately! I ended up taking DS to a paediatric cranial osteopath and whatever she did worked after the first visit - I got my first full nights sleep (although I did think that DS must have died in the night as he had never slept for more than 2.5 hours at a time before). It's worth asking around for recommendations locally. It cost us £40 for the appointment and it was the best value for money ever!

WowOoo Thu 14-Feb-13 18:02:16

Oh, poor you.

I was given a lovely classical music relaxation CDs. Chill with Mozart, music for Mothers and babies etc.
I would place him calmy in cot and walk out and go and scream somewhere with the knowledge that there was calm, relaxing music being played in his room.

When I went back to check they were often asleep. Result!
It's soooo tiring isn't it?

5madthings Thu 14-Feb-13 17:56:54

My ds1 was like this. Always fought sleep. If you caught him at the right time you were OK but once over tired it was a nightmare.
ds2 went through a phase of it, I would sit in the dark and jiggle him and eventually he would settle enough to breed and then I would have to very carefully lay down with him still latched and eventually sneak away...

Stumbleine Thu 14-Feb-13 17:53:08

Millionaires shortbread and tea are always welcome, thank you smile

teacher123 Thu 14-Feb-13 16:46:34

Hahaha! I only have a pfb, so have clung to a semblance of a routine like a limpet! Nothing to offer then, apart from tea, millionaires shortbread and empathy!

Stumbleine Thu 14-Feb-13 15:47:55

What is this 'routine' you speak of?? grin

Stumbleine Thu 14-Feb-13 15:46:57

You'd think I'd have a vague idea as she is my third grin. Feels like I've tried everything today! White noise, swings, cuddles, going to bed in the darkened bedroom with her. The buggy eventually cracked her!

I just don't remember either of the other dc being such 'sleep deniers'. ds would easily bf to sleep but dd refuses unless she is genuinely hungry.

teacher123 Thu 14-Feb-13 15:40:39

All babies have crap sleep at 15 weeks if its any consolation!! What's your routine like? Have you tried a shorter awake time/earlier bedtime? White noise? Leaving her to it a bit to see if she's over stimulated? Black out blind?

Stumbleine Thu 14-Feb-13 15:26:00

dd 15 weeks just will not fall asleep without screaming blue murder! She is ebf and we mainly co-sleep with her waking several times a night for a quick feed. Fine. No.problems there. However she will not go down for either a nap or bedtime without a huge fight (and when I say 'go down' I mean fall asleep not independently). I will happily rock, feed, cuddle whatever it takes but she just screams angrily (interspersed with the odd distraction) until.she eventually passes out. I'm at the end of my tether with it today. Aside from how mentally exhausting it is for me I feel so sorry for the poor little mite when she's so tired.
I really can't contemplate leaving her to cry but she cannot be comforted when she gets like this. Any tips or ideas are most welcome!

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