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15 week old won't nap. Aargh!

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INeedThatForkOff Thu 14-Feb-13 12:22:45

I've done it again: I've produced another amazing non-sleeping baby.

DS isn't a great sleeper at night. He's usually in with me from about 1am. But he doesn't sleep during the day either, unless I have time to go to bed with him, which is very rare.

DD is 2.11 so our days need to revolve around hee toddlers groups, mostly mornings, but one afternoon. In that situation. DS will fall asleep in the car seat but wake as soon as we arrive. Similarly, he'll doze off in the pram on a walk, but apart from two lucky occasions, he'll wake as soon as we stop.

We went to a family wedding on Saturday and he stayed awake the whole tome. We had to leave at 8pm as he wouldn't sleep and wouldn't be put down.

Today DD has gone to MIL's for the day. I've spent the entire morning trying to get DS to nap in the pram, on a walk, in his cot and on the boob, biut have only succeeded in making him angry. It's about time for an afternoon nap now and he's just dropped off on me but will doubtless wake if I try to put him down.

I haven't got time for this. The house is a fucking mess and I have freelance work I'm supposed to be doing. A sling sometimes works but I have to be standing and jiggling around which defeats the object.

Any suggestions? This can't be good for him.and it's driving me up the wall!

FruitSaladIsNotPudding Thu 14-Feb-13 19:07:17

I sympathise. My dd2 (11wo) is a nap avoider, although not as bad as her big sister was. The only thing that really works for her is swaddling, sticking dummy in and bouncing on birth ball. I am starting to be able to transfer her to basket once she is asleep, which i was never able to do with dd1.

Not sure I have any suggestions but I can relate and sympathise, DD is 16 weeks and has decided life is far too interesting to sleep in the day, this would be fine if she didn't often turn into an over-tired screaming mess at the end of it if she's been awake for too long or over-stimulated. I only know she's not that bad because DS was 10 times worse fighting sleep and screaming every night for hours, both of them seem only able to sleep on me whilst moving [wink

I am trying at the moment to just offer the opportunity to nap (ie; change her,feed her and put her in the sling while I do stuff) but not actively try to get her to sleep because otherwise it consumes every waking moment and takes up all my time. She is the same, will often nap on the move but will wake up every time I get to where I'm going if it's inside, she then gets more and more grumpy until she gets back to sleep.
She is in the middle of a long development leap tho and trying really hard to sit up and to reach things so I'm thinking maybe that's got something to do with it. She luckily sleeps amazingly at night but I think that's because I'm right next to her and feed her at the first sqwark before she has the chance to even think about waking grin

I know it feels like the end of the world when it's happening especially when you've already been through it, but they're only little once so I'm trying to enjoy it and go with the flow a bit and not wish it away. It doesn't matter hugely if your house is a mess for a bit, not sure about the work you've got to do but I'm sure someone will have a suggestion. In the meantime know you're not alone.

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