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Really confused by 8 week old!

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HSCM Wed 13-Feb-13 18:41:39

DD now 8 weeks. She has confused me by recently suddenly changing tack with her sleep behaviour. She started being a lot more wakeful but in the last 1 week has decided she needs to sleep a lot more again and now screams if she gets tired. (Lasted a full hr 2 nights ago). she is breast fed and has suddenly got a lot more efficient with this and also seems to have dropped her evening cluster feed. I also now can't get her to sleep in the cot in the day. I know she is still only very little but I am a bit surprised she could change her behaviour so suddenly is this normal? Should I be trying to do set naps or bedtimes to help her?

KatAndKit Wed 13-Feb-13 19:44:42

No, she's probably too young for a set routine - things do change so quickly in the early days - just when you think you have got the hang of what works, the little cherubs go and change the rules again. best thing to do is look out for her signs of tiredness and get her to sleep before she gets overtired. I think overstimulation is common once they begin to take notice a bit more.
My DS is 10 months and he still won't sleep in his cot in the day but he has learnt to take decent naps in his buggy now. At 8 weeks it was mostly a case of sleeping in a sling.

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