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Co sleepers, how long did you do it for and how did you stop?

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babysaurus Tue 12-Feb-13 22:29:33

I co-sleep with my 8 month old DS and have done, gradually more and more, since he was about five months. It works for us for the time being, but he can wake up a lot in the evening if I am not there which means I don't get much baby free time. This also can be a pain if we have visitors as I am often rushing up and down the stairs.

I have come to realise that sleeping in the same bed as your baby is viewed as nuts by many and while I'd like to say this doesn't bother me (DS is very sociable, not remotely clingy etc) it does a bit, especially if those who are critical spend an evening at ours where I am up and down the stairs ('told you so!') Also, at some point soon-ish I may start to put him down in his cot as he'll be moving soon which could create all manner of problems if he wakes up before me! (Possibly anyway, though I am a pretty light sleeper these days.)

It would be good to hear the experiences others have had with co sleeping, and also, if you are no longer doing it when and why did you stop (and how!)

jenbird Thu 21-Feb-13 23:05:00

We co sleep with dc4. All the others moved out about age 2. My dc3 has found the transition hard and my dh is sleeping on a mattress on the floor by his bed. If i could have him in with me I would but dc4 wakes him up and it makes him tired the next day. I love co sleeping, it's so much easier.

paperclips Fri 22-Feb-13 08:22:34

How do people co-sleep if they only have a normal double bed? How can you do it safely? When DH has been working very late/early I've tried it for part of the night. Although sometimes, like last night, DS only wants to sleep ON not next to me, so it doesn't help. And he won't be fobbed off by the feeding lying down thing, he's like, "oy mum pick me up lazybones".

Love the idea of a huuuuuuge big bed for the whole family, (we'd never have room for it) but don't you all keep waking each other up?

ehmumbo Fri 22-Feb-13 09:26:15

I co-slept with DS1 until he was 10 months at which point I decided that he needed to sleep through in his own room as I was going back to work - read numerous 'gentle' sleep training methods then settled on DH sitting in with him and gradually moving further out of the room etc - worked after 3 nights he was sleeping through and has done ever since. Sounds easy but there was crying and I felt very traumatised - as was still breastfeeding so had to really restrain myself from running in there and shoving a boob in his mouth! (which is what happened on the first few attempts).

Currently DS2 is 5 months and has slept in with me since he was born. Feeds a couple of times in the night and I love waking up to his lovely smiley face!

However, am thinking of putting him in with DS1 (who is now 3) in the next couple of months and wondering how on earth you get baby to sleep in same room as toddler confused ... any suggestions greatly appreciated!

ehmumbo Fri 22-Feb-13 09:28:18

Oh and we are another family where Dad ends up o the floor / sofa if we stay overnight anywhere.

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