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4 mth sleep regression-how long does it last for?

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wibblyjelly Tue 12-Feb-13 03:11:28

Until recently, ds slept well, going to sleep at 9pm, waking once in the night for a feed, then going through till 7 or 8am.
Now though, he seems to wake every couple of hours! I'm assuming this is the dreaded sleep regression! How long does it normally last for? Tia.

MsSampson Tue 12-Feb-13 08:34:34

Wibbly - not sure there's a normal I'm afraid. It seems out of my NCT group that the bottle fed babies seemed to go back to sleeping through (or one waking) much more quickly than the BF babies (after a few weeks maybe), but only a sample of six. We are (maybe, touch wood) coming out of the regression at 6.5months, which might not be what you want to hear right now. But actually, there's a lot of stuff I've changed which I think has helped, rather than just waiting for time to pass if that makes sense? Basically I've used a lot of stuff from the No Cry Sleep Solution book, not feeding to sleep, cutting down length of night feeds etc that has helped. And I wish I'd started much earlier, because it takes a while, although as the title suggests, it's relatively painless.

Good luck with yours, and fingers crossed his is short-lived!

wibblyjelly Tue 12-Feb-13 09:30:59

Thanks MsSampson. I brought him into the bed with me at 5:45 this morning, just to get some sleep! I'll have to look into the no cry method, I think.

MsSampson Tue 12-Feb-13 20:50:36

Oh, the early mornings are the worst bit! I spent ages climbing into a futon in DDs room from 5 onwards just to get her to sleep a bit longer. One of the things I ended up doing that is suggested in NCSS is just to co-sleep for a few nights to just get some sleep so you can tackle whatever plan you end up doing with a bit more energy in the bank. It kind of worked for me, but I am really tense when I co-sleep, and so ended up with really stiff hips in the morning. Anyway, best of luck. We did our first night without feeding her or picking her up at all during the night yesterday, and it was OK, considering. There is hope!

wibblyjelly Tue 12-Feb-13 21:30:35

Thanks again for the advice. I think I've figured part of the problem out, as he has been in a huge amount of pain with teething, so that may have something to do with it!
Hope tonight goes well for you smile

Loislane78 Wed 13-Feb-13 21:18:44

We're at 6 mo and still not over it, although to be fair there's been flu and teething so that may have impacted as well.

I was sick first, then DD get it so she started co-sleeping again as I was too knackered to get up. She now prefers our bed hmm but might also be because it's also cold.

I'm starting some mild training such as just offering one boob when she wakes for feed (which is only twice) but she wakes several other times and can no longer self settle.

wibblyjelly Wed 13-Feb-13 21:22:39

Lois, ds will always take a bottle at night, so not sure how I'm going to cut that out! I ended up giving ds calpol at 9pm last night, as he was in so much pain with his teeth, and he then slept through till 4:30am. Hopefully, as long as he isn't in pain, he may sleep better. That's my theory anyway, tonight will be the real test!

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