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How do I deal with this - please help!

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sleepcrisis Wed 06-Feb-13 12:02:15

I posted a few days ago but got no replies, I guess it was a bit long...

Anyway, DS is 19mo and has gone from sleeping through 12 hours to waking hysterical in the night for up to 2 hours, then waking for the day around 5.30. Sometimes 4.30. We have just moved house but he has always been totally fine on holiday. I did spend a lot of time apart from him during the packing stage so he's been clingy too.

He has gone from being so happy and lively to utterly miserable all of the time, He wakes crying, is sleepy by 10am and looks ill - red, puffy eyes and looks pale. Hes always grizzly and is having tantrums, and being quite difficult generally.

He is napping ok, between 1.5-2 hrs (before the move, 1hr15-1hr30 was normal)

So I feel I can't do CC as we are still in a new environment. Problem is, if I go to him in the night he cries more and wants to BF (we night weaned about 6 months ago) If DH goes in, he will try and go back to sleep, but DH started new job today so is only fair I do nights for the time being. Last night he cried in my arms for nearly 2 hours until DH came in and took over sad

Any tips? He is so shattered I am contemplating v v early bedtime, but am terrified he'll then start the day at 3am or something. At the moment he is in bed by 630, asleep by 7.

Am ill myself and dreading the next move in 3 weeks time (to our new permanent home)

Please help!

VisualiseAHorse Wed 06-Feb-13 12:07:10

I would try the very early bedtime. What have you got to lose? He's already waking/not sleeping well, so it'd be worth a try.

omama Wed 06-Feb-13 13:30:49

Agree re early bedtime. Is he actually taking a nap at 10am then? I know he's sleepy because of the early wake but carrying on with such an early nap will reinforce the early waking as he can use the nap to catch up on lost night sleep (& this is exactly what's happening since you say he's napping for much longer now). If he is,9 i would suggest very gradually delaying naptime by 15mins each week until its at a more reasonable time ie after lunch. He will be tired while you do this, no avoiding it but his wakeup will eventually start to get later again. Wrt the waking in the night, i think all you can do is stick at it. He's testing you to the limit re bfing, so stay strong! How much do you interact with him when u go in?

sleepcrisis Wed 06-Feb-13 14:29:29

Hi, thanks for the replies. I have been keeping him going in the mornings, 3days ago he napped at 11am, then yesterday 1130 and today 1145. But today he only had 50 mins sad

so 6 pm for bedtime?

When I go in, I try to keep him in his cot, keep it dark and minimal talking. But last night he was hysterical and I had to take him out. I tried rocking, lying down with him, rubbing his back etc etc. he cried and cried, fighting to get at the boob. I did end up feeding him for a bit last night, but after half an hour of sore, dry sucking I pulled him off and we had to start it all from scratch as he was totally beside himself sad

I am going to have to get tough but heading to the GP this afternoon to rule out ear infection before I lose sympathy altogether - he's been hitting his ears all morning sad

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