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13 mnth old waking 3 times a night- help!

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Janberryxx Wed 06-Feb-13 07:37:39

She was sleeping through till 05:30 and I started to feed her in bed so we could get another hour's sleep. That was over Christmas. Not quite sure how we got from that to where we are now but she's been waking a lot teething, ill on occasion, very itchy with eczema and possibly hunger. So that's got us into bad habits of waking and feeding in bed.
Then she started to wake when we came up to bed. She's in our room, nowhere else to put her at the moment as her twin is in the spare room and big sister has her own room. So she's in our bed most of the night now. Have thought about putting twin in with big sister but not keen. I think twin in our room may become distressed and therefore very itchy if we're not there in the same room with her. If she starts scratching then she's not going to sleep anyway! I'm not keen on trying controlled crying as the stress will set her off scratching. Does anyone have any ideas to help us to get her sleeping through?! I'm working on keeping the eczema calm so its not an issue.

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