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Tired and teary...anyone???

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Ghostie Mon 04-Feb-13 20:38:46

So dd2 was 6 wks yesterday. She was a month prem, but was totally fine. Caught a nasty cold that dd1 had, is colicy and today had been particularly bad with short naps, crying lots with the end result that we were both crying. Got one particularly sore chewed boob and dreading the night, but also exhausted. Dh moves into spareroom when it gets too much and said dd1 was not this bad. I told him he had forgotten, but now I'm not so sure dd1 had a well established bedtime and routine by this stage hmm all in all tired and teary ... Anyone else?

harassedandherbug Mon 04-Feb-13 20:46:20

Oh you poor thing... This was me a year ago. Ds had reflux, and I spent many evenings with him screaming in pain and me sobbing. But it passed, and is now a distant memory!

Have you thought about a cranial osteopath if you have some spare cash. I've had literally instant improvements! Was worth every penny.

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