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CM will give notice if DS's sleep doesn't improve - I'm gutted, please help!

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Crimebusterofthesea Mon 04-Feb-13 16:52:15

12 month old DS has been going to the CM part time for the last 4 weeks. He has settled well, apart from the fact that it is taking her over an hour to get him to sleep every day. She has told me today that she has never met a baby so difficult when it comes to getting them to sleep and has said she can't continue if things don't improve as it isn't fair on the other children. I completely understand this, but my god do I feel shit. He has always been a terrible sleeper/napper and I did tell her this before she agreed to take him on. I can't help but blame myself and feel I could have done something differently. Why can't he just go to sleep there? I feel gutted and crap and envious of all the babies that will sleep anywhere. What can I do tonight that will miraculously result in him napping like an angel there tomorrow?? Help!

If a baby really needs a nap they'll have one !

If the CM wants to try to establish more of a routine I guess they can do that, but it's not the babies or your problem if it doesn't happen ? - Though of course you can talk and work together on things for everyone's benefit ?

AThingInYourLife Tue 05-Feb-13 18:45:38

I would be looking for another childminder.

mewkins Tue 05-Feb-13 22:22:05

If he's sticking with half days nd he's only doing 40 mins anyway can he skip the nap?

Crimebusterofthesea Wed 06-Feb-13 16:31:29

I would be fine if he skips the nap, but he really does need it mewkins and isn't sleeping for as long as he does at home. He gets really grumpy if he doesn't have it and is much better afterwards. He slept for the same amount of time today and is making up for it with his nap this afternoon. I am hoping we have found a solution to the problem and we haven't been given our notice yet! stargirl - I'm so sorry I've worried you - have you started to look at any childminders/nurseries yet?

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