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4 month regression - need some tales of hope to keep me going!

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pookysarah Tue 29-Jan-13 16:53:41

Hi fellow sleep-deprived people!

After having what I now think of as the "golden age" of sleep from about 9-13 weeks (where DS woke once or twice for a feed between 7 and 7), DS entered the dreaded 4 month sleep regression at around 13/14 weeks. We're now at almost 22 weeks and he's still waking and feeding 2 hourly (he's EBF)/refusing to be put down in his cot overnight/wanting fed 30 mins after falling asleep at bedtime/napping for max 30 minutes at a go etc etc.

I'm exhausted - just about getting through it by co-sleeping when need-be, dozing when he naps..

I keep reading all these depressing posts written by people whose babies never seem to sleep again after the 4 month regression. Does anyone have a tale of hope to keep me going/cheer me up??? Will I ever get a night of sleep ever again????

pookysarah Wed 30-Jan-13 08:59:58

wow, not a single word of hope..


Mae34 Wed 30-Jan-13 10:31:23

Hello! My DD was waking twice between 10-7 am sometimes just once until....17 weeks hit sad
Hourly waking all night- I've been on my knees as I have a 2 year old too...
But....2 weeks later we ve had 5 days now of back to the old routine- waking 1 and 4/5: last night she did 10-5! Didn't do anything except rest when I could....she can now babble, hold stuff and is sitting up much straighter so looks like her little brain was working hard! She also started wanting to go to bed at 7 instead of cluster feeding all evening...
Good luck!

Tallgiraffe Wed 30-Jan-13 21:07:42

Mae - thank you thank you thank you. You have no idea how much my sleep deprived brain needed to read that. We are I'm the midst of 4mo hourly waking and I am half dead. Here's hoping we only have another few days...

paperclips Thu 31-Jan-13 07:05:39

I'm there too. We'd just got a nice sleep pattern sorted, DS was doing 6 hours, and now it's all gone tits up. It's like having a newborn again.

Thanks for the words of encouragement, Mae.

Caroline2103 Fri 01-Feb-13 02:09:53

Hi! didn't want to read and run. No story of hope.....yet (touches wood), my ds is 15 weeks and has just gone from sleeping 7:30 until 6:30 to sleeping 7:30 til 1/2 til 4 til 7 sad and he's waking to be fed (ebf)....hope it doesn't last until 22weeks.
I hope your little ones regression comes to an end soon smile

paperclips Mon 04-Feb-13 08:19:35

And last night DS slept from 9.30 till 1.45, then woke up every 45 mins to an hour until 7am when he decided its morning. Each time he wakes I leave him to see if he'll go back to sleep but he start crying and wants feeding/rocking/cuddles.

Doesn't help that we've got into a situation where he won't sleep without my breasts so I can't just make DH sort him out.

Sorry, rant ovr. Tired and in a rotten mood this morning.

On the plus side, DS has been an extra cheerful playful little boy the last few days and has started laughing out loud. And doing ear-piercing squeals of joy for the fun of it.

Mehrida Mon 04-Feb-13 20:24:33

I have a story of hope! Our sleep woes with DS (8m) are well documented. The highlight was the month where he woke up at 2am every night and every 45 minutes thereafter.

Anyhoo, I'm pleased to say we're coming out the other end.

Around 6 months, he got two teeth through, caught and got rid of a cold. The following night he slept 12 HOURS! My alarm went off at 730 and I hadn't a clue what was making the noise as I hadn't heard it for so long.

We still have the odd night where he wakes once or twice but if you'd offered me that 2 months ago I'd have bitten your hand off.

LovelyWeatherForDucks Tue 05-Feb-13 09:53:30

Just to add - I am going through the same with my 16 week old - after getting into a good routine over Christmas it's all gone wrong since! He'll do a 3-4 hour stretch at 7.30pm or so, but then it's hourly wakings until the morning, usually a feed if its been 4 hrs since the last one. And at least 30 mins to resettle each time (=no sleep for me) When will this end?! I've just bought the 'no cry sleep solution' book and have a gentle plan of action to help him self-settle over time. Really not helped by my NCT group all with babies who sleep through, or at least do 6 hours and resettle instantly. envy

And nap times....wailing and fighting...whether I pick him up or put him down!

But unusually cheerful during awake-time hmm

It's a tough time...sad

paperclips Fri 08-Feb-13 05:01:44

Bad one tonight, DS went to sleep at 9.30 till 1am. I went to bed around 10.30. Woke at 1am. Got him back in his cot 1.45, he woke at 2.30 (think I got about 30 mins sleep). Since then i've had about 4 attempts to get him down. He falls asleep but it seems such a light sleep. At 4am, end of tether I just put my head under the covers and let him whine/whimper for 10 minutes. Big mistake! He was then wide awake, when I went to him gave me a big grin, and when I tried to feed him and mumsnet at the same time, was mucking about trying to grab my phone and looking around smiling.

lovelyweather- know what you mean about cheerful baby. DS doesn't seem bothered at all he's as happy as larry in the day, luckily he's napping well, but still only on me.

DH is pissing me off. Keeps saying at least I don't have to go to work in the morning. Well I do have to get up and be a good, safe, mother and entertain a 19 week old. And he's snoring while I'm doing this.

Rant over. Though I'd try sleeping with him with me, but it doesn't feel safe. And I am not comfortable enough sitting up like this. Going to attempt cot again. Wish me luck....

smile4me Fri 08-Feb-13 05:27:59

DD (18 weeks) started waking and wanting to be awake at 3.30am every night about a month ago. She was happy as anything, squealing and giggling so I tried to sleep with fingers in ears, then gave in and moved her into cot in her own room. She still wakes up and giggles at things, but we can get back to sleep easier smile Other than extra night feeds, 4m sleep regression meant she will no longer feed to sleep, which was the only way she ever got to sleep before bad mummy The only thing that saved us from sleep hell at the same time was her figuring out how to suck her thumb to sleep so you could try encouraging that? And Ewan the sheep helps a bit too... kinda hypnotises her if I catch her ay just the right time grin

pookysarah Fri 08-Feb-13 09:30:52

It's nice to know I'm not alone at least!
We had a terrible night last night! shock I spent all day making sure DS was physically tired (practicing sitting/rolling/door bouncer), that he was well rested (had 1 long nap of 1.5 hours and 3 40 minute naps) and went to bed a bit early.. I've been working really hard in getting him to self-settle (no more feeding to sleep!) and even though it took an hour he did it.
But we then had waking every 30 minutes from 730pm until I went to bed at 10pm. He then woke every 1-2 hours, often wanted fed (and was properly hungry). I don't think this is a growth spurt because it's been going on for weeks (he needs to eat more during the day but gets too distracted).
Worst of all last night he refused to co-sleep and would only sleep if lying on top of me. Arrrrrgh! I don't really want to co-sleep but it's been my sanity saviour!
I really don't know what to do next. He's 23 weeks so not long until we start introducing solids. Not sure if moving him to his own room will help.

I really don't think I could ever have a second baby. This sleep deprivation is making me crazy. confused

Tallgiraffe Sat 09-Feb-13 21:34:01

Just to come back to this thread with a word of hope, I think, hope, pray that we are out the other side! Last Sunday was the up all night, waking every 30 minute joy of regression. Monday night, up twice! And that's been the same for the last few nights. So you will get there, promise.

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