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Aargh, HELP! Opinions gratefully received.....

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JRsandCoffee Mon 28-Jan-13 13:10:49

I think I'm going batty here, probably not helped by having a cold and bugger all sleep last night.....sorry if I ramble, perhaps I'll find some clarity along the way?

DD is ten and a half weeks old, she was five weeks prem and although still only about nine pounds in weight is as bright as you could want, head control, starting to grab stuff, smiling away, really alert. She has however also really got to grips with the noise making function of her lungs in the last couple of weeks, to be expected, all fine. She wakes up in the night to feed and I'm good with that, her weight gain is just about right so clearly she needs it and I'm guessing the last weeks increased demand at night is a growth spurt so happy to just suck it up and feed her, she fed for half an hour plus four times last night between 11 and 6 as well as much of yesterday. Hopefully this will pass..... It is the day time, specifically lunchtime that we have trouble.....Evenings she usually sleeps from 7 until I feed her (dream if I can...) between ten and half past. I normally stay lurking about to comfort her if she needs me and at night it works during the day at lunchtime less good. Sometimes yes, sometimes no and we spend nap time in and out of sleep and wailing before feeling rubbish the rest of the day.

So, with all the above info at your disposal, I took her upstairs for her nap just before 12, on the way upstairs she turned into a very shouty tomato and after a few minutes of trying to calm her down I put her down and took my rising tide of tears into the next room to sort the washing until I could get a grip, I didn't think crying mum and crying baby were an entirely helpful combo, i wasn't helping, clearly and just felt so tired and ill that I needed to just take a deep breath. Anyway, I was sorting at record pace to try and distract myself and after a short while she stopped.....this was only two loads of washing so can't have been long although felt an eternity. I went downstairs and suddenly heard her again but in light of the above I made myself wait for 3 minutes and she stopped again, same thing once more with one yell and when i looked on the monitor she was kind of waving her arms around and chatting to herself and now she is out cold, just slept through the doorbell.

So, what do I take away from that? I don't want her to associate going to sleep with stress but it seems that maybe by staying lurking around I've been keeping her up. She needs to sleep and she's far too young to leave to cry for any length of time but as above, what if in seeking to comfort her I've been egging her on and actually depriving her of the chance to drop off? Any ideas anyone? Seems like a mighty fine line to me......she's now having a chunter to herself but not crying, hmmmm

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