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Travelling, time difference and sleep

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Fazerina Sat 26-Jan-13 23:09:24

DS will be 21 months old when we're travelling in four weeks' time. Where we're going they are two hours ahead of the UK. Normally at home DS naps 1-2.30pm or so and BT is 8pm ish, but if I follow this routine on our trip, nap would be 3-4.30pm and BT 10pm.

Does anyone have any word of advise? I was thinking to either a) gradually put DS down for his nap earlier and earlier until it's sometime around 11.30-1 and BT around 7pm (couldn't aim for earlier TBH) or b) just go with the flow once on holiday and hope it all sorts itself once we're back. We're going away for 10 days btw.

Any experiences to share anyone?

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