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CIO seems to be the only thing we've tried that has involved the least amount of crying!

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IsnThataPip Sat 26-Jan-13 10:28:27

Am feeling very conflicted doing it but we have tried everything!

DS is 18 months and throughout his life we have tried almost everything suggested.

Gradual withdrawal didnt work at all as he became hysterical. Same with PDPU.

CC and walk in-walk out didnt work well as he seemed to be aggravated by us entering and exiting his room.

So we have found that if we do the bedtime routine and just put him down, he will cry 15-20 mins max and then go to sleep. He doesnt cry hysterically as he did with some of the other strategies either.

Next step will be to start doing it for night weaning now.

Has anyone else found this? I feel too guilty to discuss in real life as it is really frowned on but it does seem to for the least stressful sleep training strategy for him at this stage of his life.

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