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Is there any point taking my ten year old DS to docs re sleeping

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seeker Thu 24-Jan-13 16:03:04

Harry Potter read by Stephen Fry- the first one particularly is good as a sleep tape. He'll know the story, so it won't be exciting enough to keep him awake. The Cressida Cowell Dragon books read by David Tennant are good too.

there is research to suggest that it's a bad idea to watch TV in the two hours before trying to sleep because of some sort of neurological activity screens stimulate. Listening is soporific, watching screens the opposite.

Sausage - yes my DS gets dark circles under his eyes too. God knows what his teacher must think of us.

He also has a thing about being the only one in the house awake and so we can't go to bed until he is asleep..I have sat up till one in the morning waiting for him to drop off!

Seeker I am going to get him some story cd's but wondering how hard it will be getting ones suitable for a ten year old boy. He does like to go to sleep with the tv on but we stopped that because he just stays awake watching it....if he dropped off to it I wouldn't mind so much but he doesnt. Hopefully the cds will relax him more. I tell him to just relax and think of nice things but he just works himself up into a tiz.

Anyway, have made a doc appt for next week and in the mean time and going to try and relaxing cd with hot choc and a biccie to see if this may work. I need to keep calm to because if I get cross then I have no chance of relaxing him!

Thanks people, good to get impartial advise. Feel a bit silly as most of the sleep problems on here are for babies/toddlers and my baby is 10!! My mum was an insomniac, neither DH or I are great sleepers so just want to get it sorted before he goes to secondary school and it becomes even worse.

seeker Thu 24-Jan-13 14:53:28

Have you tried story CDs? Tell him he doesn't have to try to sleep- just lie in bed and listen to the story. Maybe taking his mind off trying to sleep might help? And at least he'll be resting.

sausagewallet Thu 24-Jan-13 14:52:17

My DS has just turned 9 and is terrible for falling asleep. Almost every night is the same, he's still awake come 11pm, sometimes later. He's knackered, pale, dark circles under his eyes and bloody moody!

We've tried going to bed earlier, going to bed later, warm bath, milk etc. He's been like it as far as I can remember.

A few times I've contemplated taking him to the GP but I was worried he wouldn't take it seriously. Think I might make an appointment next week.

He is worrying about not going to sleep! Tried it all although I am going to go back to basics tonight and see if reading a story to him will help him relax.

Things work for about a week or so and then for some reason he slips back tpo being anxious. He always looks tired to me and I am sure it must effect his school work, concentration etc....he is def moody when he is tired.

If the book doesnt work I may try a CD. I turn the tv off but he says he likes to hear noise so maybe a CD will work?? Can only try but need to find some chilled music for it.

Thanks !

Cristiane Thu 24-Jan-13 14:43:40

I have just taken dd7 to doctor for insomnia. She just doesn't go to sleep. For hours and hours. We have had some quite upsetting times recently (her dad left us) but the doc took it all seriously and has referred us to CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health service). I would go, if only to show your son how seriously you are taking it all

munchkinmaster Thu 24-Jan-13 14:42:17

Explain it like that then, emphasise the anxiety and the impact of it, e.g too tired at school. Good luck

WowOoo Thu 24-Jan-13 14:40:42

A doctor helps with health problems. Stress affects his ability to get a good nights' sleep which is essential for good health.

I'd take him. Poor son. What is he so worried about?
Has he tried a relaxation CD? Relaxing book CD or music? Hot bath? Milk and cookies?

Ds1 takes forever to get to sleep, but it only stresses me out. He says he's a bit tired, but fine. He's only 6 also.
I hope you get to see a nice sympathetic doctor who'll come up with some ideas.

He has no other health problems. His problem is worrying and stress....he will start worrying about going to sleep say mid afternoon and so by the time it is lights out he is so wound up and stressed that he just gets tearful and then sleep it just impossible.

We have tried everything so think we now need professional help.


munchkinmaster Thu 24-Jan-13 14:24:05

Totally acceptable to ask for referral to sleep clinic, or more likely Psychology/child mental health team. Don't worry, I don't mean he has a mental health problem but sleeping, eating, behaviour etc falls under their remit. I'm assuming problem is not going to sleep/staying asleep

......we have always had nightmares getting him to sleep...have tried everything going and nothing works for long.

Am now getting to the end of my tether with it all. Am thinking of taking him to the doctor for referral onto a sleep clinic?? Do such things exist??

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